Midday Heat


You dip your index fingertip into the glass of cold water on the side table. Hundreds of condensed droplets of water turn into rivulets on the surface of the glass, the water evaporating too quickly from the small puddle below. The wet fingertip runs over my lips, barely moistening them. Drawing a line down over my chin to my neck, you wet your finger again. It teases around and about, coming to rest between my breasts. A soft moan escapes my lips as you lean forward, your wet tongue circling the honey-coloured, firm flesh. The tip of your tongue flicks over my small brown nipple and presses into it as it hardens. Your hand slides across my stomach, brushing over my pussy mound, slipping between parted thighs. The sweat makes every movement fluid. Our warm skin in contact halts all other fleeting bits in my mind, slowly becoming aware and attuned only to you. In my desire for you, I burn at the right temperature to walk through the fire. Thick, rough fingers run over my pussy lips with surprising gentleness, easing up and down, massaging the flesh. The pleasure makes the head swim, the intensity - confusing. Your thumb slips into the top of my slit, sliding over the warm and pulsing pink inside as your mouth works on my other breast. The rest of your hand covers my pussy, cupping it. It makes me feel safe.

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   The week taught harsh lessons I tried to run away from all along. Having to deal with it made me feel lost. But you pull me back into your care, into your warm arms, into our safe world. Part of me wants to stop you; fearing our world might someday disappear too. Try as hard as I might to detach from the emotions binding me to you that might someday ruin us, your every touch convinces otherwise. “Let it go for me, honey. It’s all over now and she’s gonna be ok, you can breathe free again. ” Biting my lower lip and pushing back the tears that never fell, I nod. You rub my clit with slow, deliberate strokes, watching my body writhe in response. Slowly losing myself in the pursuit of pleasure, now I cannot think of much but you. Your raging hard-on presses into my side through the cool fabric of your boxers. “Baby, I want you to make love to me. ” Looking into your eyes and watching your reaction to my whispered request immediately justifies this unquenchable thirst. Love, fiery desire, and the promise to have and hold. The cloth binding my wrists slips off, undone by your free hand as you position yourself above me, blocking out the harsh sun.

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   It takes a moment to realise my hands are free, nails leaving marks in my palms where the sharp, crescent-shaped edges dug in. Unsure of what to do, I hold on to your shoulders, letting the blood flow back to the tense fingers, running them down your chest. I miss your chest, my comfort zone. Reaching up, moans of pleasure lost in kissing your chest, sucking the salty sweat that contradicts the sweetness on my lips. My hands glide easily over your back, feeling your tense, hard body shiver slightly, melting under my touch. Thumbs hooked in the waistband of your boxers nudge it off. You kneel between my thighs naked, cock rigid, nudging my legs further apart. My knees off the sides of the single bed, my feet firmly planted on the floor. You push back the hair matted on my forehead, kissing my parched lips, “Saya cintakan mu. ” Smiling for the first time in days, I reply, “I love you too. ”You slide your hands under my ass, lifting my hips slightly up off the bed. Pulling me close, my clit pulses against the leaking, engorged head of your shaft. I watch fixated as your cock slides down over the slick wetness before pushing into me. Groaning with pleasure, you sink deeper in, my pussy stretched to fit snugly over your shaft. Resting inside me a moment before pulling out slowly, you tell me to squeeze hard around every inch of your cock.

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       It doesn’t feel so empty anymore. Not physically, not emotionally. You are with me. You pull me up against your body, making me sit on your cock, outstretched legs over your thighs. Your hands on my ass and the small of my back support me as I begin to ride you, our strokes meeting. One hand gripping your shoulder, we build a steady rhythm of thrusts, accompanied by our loud noises of pure ecstasy. My fingers slip between our bodies, toying with my swollen clit, rubbing and pinching the nub. The burning need for relief has me almost bouncing atop you, hips working up and down your shaft. You thrust back into me, grinding hard, desperate to please and for release. Your mouth engulfs my nipples, sucking and tugging on it, making the blood rush to them. The whole day stops in the single moment when we finally cum together, exploding inside each other. I can literally feel the veins on your cock bulging and throbbing inside me, emptying your seed out. Your cum mixed with mine trickles down my thighs, cooling down as you draw out of me slowly. My body still trembling from the sheer catharsis, the scream now reduced to a whimper. You hold me close; telling me everything is alright.

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       The heavy air coupled with your comforting caress make me drowsy in a matter of minutes. When I awake again, alone, I find the sun has cooled off into the night and the fire has fizzled into a single flicker in the lamp, which will die the moment the first breeze blows. Electric Geisha 2003 ©.



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