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Cokluvr is always on the prowl for more cock, she frequents bars, nightclubs, and the occasional strip joint, and she always seems to end up with the choicest meat in the place. Why just last weekend she had a little run in with the husband of a well known senator! Now don't go asking me to give names folks, but I think you'd know this fella if you saw him. Let's call him Will. Now will isn't the hottest guy in the world, in fact if you as ME he's a little too pudgy to be worth a roll in the hay, but ole Cokluvr doesn't mind, nah that broad was happy to hook up with B- I mean Will. The two met at a trendy bar in the big city that Will calls home. Will was scoping the females in the joint and Cokluvr was eyeing the hot studs crawling throughout the joint, but pretty soon, Horny Will and Cock loving Cokluvr caught sight of each other. Cokluvr motioned to the much older guy and he followed her into a private booth that Cokluvr was all to familiar with, "Don't speak.

" She warned him, "I'm going to give you the kind of cocksucking that prude wife of yours can't even fathom, and when I'm done you're going to shove that beautiful piece of sausage that's already standing at attention into my tight little cunt. " Will was all to happy to whip out his piece and shove it into Cokluvr's hungry mouth. Lucky for Will for the volume of noise outside their little booth because pretty soon he was shouting at the top of his lungs, "Suck it bitch! Get all of it in there. " Cokluvr rolled her green eyes and shoved his puny five inches in taking his balls as well, then she flicked her tongue along the shaft before pulling it out again. She studied the bulb of his cock with something like interest and then began to suck in earnest, she couldn't figure out why but his meat tasted a lot like a chicken mcnugget. When Will was about to blow his load Cokluvr stopped, "Don't stop now baby, I need to cum so bad I'm in pain!" "And I feel your pain. " Cokluvr replied with a wicked grin, "But now you have to do something for me. " "Anything!" he moaned, "Shove it in here. " Cokluvr yanked up her black mini skirt and pointed at her gaping pussy.

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   What's a guy to do? Will shoved it in there and gave her the fucking she craved. Within seconds both of them came hard and loud. A moment later Will asked, "Why did you let me fuck you? You could have had any guy out there. " Cokluvr grinned, "Let's just say I wanted to know if the hype was true. " Will grinned, "And?" "You've got my vote. " With that she was gone. Off for her next adventure, with a new cock. So what's the verdict? Want to hear more about the adventures of Cokluvr? Or is she and incredibly big breated dud? Lemme know!.