“Here, want to wash me?” she asked smiling. “I’d love too sweet lady. ” I grinned happily at her. Taking the soap from her, I slowly rubbed it into the wet flesh, enjoying the feel of her for the very first time. After I’d made sure there was more than enough soap on her back, I placed the soap into the soap holder and raised both hands and placed them on her back. With slightly trembling fingers, I began to rub my soapy fingers up and down her back. I’d run them up her spine, making her moan softly with pleasure as I did so. Then, I’d gently rake my fingernails down each side of her body, making her tremble slightly. I knew she was enjoying what I was doing to her. I was enjoying myself too, very much so. Louise had one very nice figure on her. After a few minutes of massaging her back, I slowly sank to my knees behind her, taking in the twin globes of her beautiful backside. I placed my fingers on both cheeks, then ever so slowly began to massage her flesh in an outward motion, causing her cheeks to open slightly, just enough for me to be able to see the soft pink outer lips of her vagina. My erection throbbed between my knees, wanting release, but for now, it’d have to wait. I wanted to taste her love juices inside my mouth before I made love to her. I slowly parted the cheeks of her backside enough for me to see for the first time, the soft flesh inside her opened vagina.

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   I moved my face closer towards my goal. Louise could feel my hot breath getting closer and closer towards her parted vaginal lips. She shuddered slightly as soon as she felt my lips gently touch her vagina. I gently kissed her opened lips, and then slowly I opened my mouth and began to run the tip of my tongue just around her vagina, not actually touching her moist opening, teasing her. She moaned as she felt the tip of my tongue gently run across her anus. I kissed her there, enjoying the sound of her soft groan of pleasure. Then, slowly I started to run the tip of my tongue downwards. As soon as my tongue came into contact with her moist opening, Louise moaned louder. I lightly ran the tip of my tongue over her parted lips and Louise pushed herself backwards, wanting my tongue buried deep inside her. But I withdrew, teasing her even further. Then suddenly, without warning, I plunged my thick tongue as deep inside her as it’d go. “Oh, shit. ” Louise groaned as she felt my tongue exploring her inner flesh. She shuddered as she felt herself coming very close to an orgasm. I raised my fingers until they came into contact with her clitoris; Louise pushed herself harder against my face, sinking my tongue even further inside her wet, hot vagina.

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   Her breathing had become faster and her groaning slightly louder as she neared her orgasm. Suddenly, Louise orgasmed onto my tongue, her whole body shaking as she felt the waves of pure pleasure sweep through her body, I greedily drank her juices into my opened mouth, enjoying the freshest of her juices inside my mouth. Finally, Louise stopped Cumming into my mouth. I stood up behind her, my erection brushing her arse as I did so. Louise turned back towards me and kissed me on the lips. I placed both hands on her backside as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. I could feel her nipples pressing against my naked chest. Louise felt the head of my penis bumping between her thighs. She knew that I wanted to be buried deep inside her, but she had other ideas first. Our lips parted and Louise stood there for a few seconds, smiling at me, and then without a word being spoken, she sank to her knees in front of me. She gripped the shaft of my penis in her left hand, cupping my balls with her right. Then, as I stood above her watching, Louise opened her mouth and slowly placed her lips around the head of my penis. First off, she began teasing the head of my penis with her tongue then after a few minutes of teasing, she slowly inched her lips forward along the shaft of my penis, taking me inside her warm, wet mouth. I gripped her hair in my fingers as she began to slowly suck me off, gently squeezing my balls in her hand as she did so. But as lovely as it was, I wanted my first climax to be inside her vagina, not her mouth, so just before I came, I pulled out of her mouth and took her by the shoulders and raised her up until she was again facing me.

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       “Thank you, sweetheart. ” I told her kissing her eyes, lips and nose. Then I slowly turned her, until she was facing away from me, then, I gripped her by the hips, as I slowly guided the head of my penis towards her moist vagina. Louise helped me by leaning forward against the door of the shower. She reached between her thighs and gripped the shaft of my penis and placed it at the entrance to her vagina. She groaned with pleasure as I slowly began to push past her outer lips into her. The head of my penis slowly plunged deeper and deeper inside her. I could feel the walls of her vagina closing tightly around the shaft of my penis as it plunged to her deepest depth. It was like having a vice gripping my penis inside her as I slowly began to push and pull myself in and out of her. My hands had found her breasts and I was gently tugging at her heard bullet like nipples as we made love in the shower. Louise was pushing herself backwards to meet my hard thrust into her warm, moist vagina. She could feel my penis plunging as deep inside her as it’d go. True I wasn’t all that big, only about 6 and a half inches long and about 2 inches thick, but that was more than enough for Louise to enjoy having inside her. She was moaning as she felt herself building towards her 2nd orgasm of the night. I too was fairly close and because it was so pleasurable, I knew that I wasn’t going to last too long the first time.

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       Suddenly, My hot cum came shooting out of my penis coating all of Louise’s insides. That seemed to trigger her own orgasm. I felt the warmth of her juices mixing with mine inside her. Her vaginal muscles were gripping and releasing my shaft as she orgasmed. I felt my penis slowly begin to soften inside her as I kissed her back. It slipped out of her and she stood and turned towards me with a big grin on her face. “ Boy, did I ever need that. ” She said kissing me. .