Losing It


Carl was immediately attracted to this vision of his dream girl, from the other side of the room and was not slow in introducing himself. He was about the only person in the place that was any way close to Patty’s age, and she was quick to recognise the effect that she was having on him by the tent in the front of his trousers. Although Patty was still a virgin at 22, she was aware of her sexuality, and felt her pussy getting moist from the interest that Carl was showing her. The two of them seemed to click from the start, and after several drinks, Patty’s normal reserve was melting in response to Carl’s lavish complements, and she felt herself growing more and more attracted to him. The party was growing dull, and Carl suggested that they explore the apartment in search of a more secluded atmosphere. The first room that they tried they struck gold. There was a CD player with a stack of discs that appealed to both their tastes. Carl was quick to find one that he thought would create a suitable background for what he had in mind, and that was to fuck Patty’s brains out. Next to the CD player was a drinks cabinet that held a fair selection. Patty accepted a Baccardi that Carl had poured for her, and she sat on the couch to drink it. The act of sitting had caused the short skirt of Patty’s dress to ride up and display the vee of her knickers that were by now showing a damp patch at the gusset. Carl’s seduction technique was having the desired effect on Patty, whose reserve was being mellowed even more by the alcohol that she had drunk. He was turned on by the view of Patty’s damp, puffy, pussy lips that were bulging at the front of her white panties. He was determined to fuck this sexy vision. Carl sat down beside her, and slowly slid an arm around her shoulders, drawing her to him for their first kiss. Her mouth opened to his probing tongue that entered her mouth and twined with hers.

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   He could sense the effect of his slow, careful seduction was having by the increased rate of Patty’s breathing causing her magnificent tits to rise an fall within the confines of her low-cut dress, as he looked down to admire the vision of her cleavage. He lowered his other hand to caress Patty’s tits, then slip his hand inside her bra to feel the soft, warm flesh. Immediately he felt her nipples spring to attention like little bullets. This encouraged him further, and he slowly removed his hand from inside her bra, to slide up her thigh towards the damp gusset of her panties. Gradually Patty opened her legs to allow him easier access to her pussy. This was nothing new to her, as although she had managed to retain her virginity, Patty was no stranger to having her cunt fingered to orgasm. Carl slid a finger inside the leg of the panties, to feel the smooth pussy lips that were now very moist with her juices. He slowly slid a finger as deep as possible into her cunt, then withdrew it and offered it to her to taste her own delicate flavour. Patty licked his finger clean then placed one of her own fingers inside her knickers then cunt to give Carl a sample of the sweet taste of her juice. At this, Carl was desperate to progress further. He whispered in her ear that he wanted to take her knickers off so that he could see the beauty of her pussy, naked. Patty’s resistance was at it’s lowest because, but was aware that this could be the time to surrender her virginity. She answered Carl’s plea for a look at her naked pussy, with a reply that it would be OK if she could see Carl’s cock in the same state. He could not resist such a proposition, and stood to drop his trousers and pants. Within seconds Patty had her warm hands around his hard cock, and was guiding it towards her open mouth.

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   This again, was no new experience to Patty, as in defending her virginity, she had developed a great technique in giving blow-jobs. The feel of patty’s warm lips closing over the head of his cock, drew a gasp of pleasure from Carl, causing him to pump in and out of Patty’s mouth. This face-fucking and the talent that Patty had developed, very quickly made him feel the cum rising from his balls. He gave a groan of ecstasy, and warned Patty that he was about to cum. She ignored his warning and swallowed every drop of the hot, slightly salty taste of his cum, as it spurted down her throat. . Patty immediately raised her arse from the couch to assist with the removal of her damp panties. She used this tiny, silken garment to wipe the remaining cum from Carl’s again hardening cock. From the erotic sight of her doing this, and seeing her fully exposed, smooth shaven pussy; he could not resist lowering his mouth to her open legs and placing his tongue at the lips of her cunt. The feel of his tongue probing the depths of her cunt caused Patty to open her legs wider and beg Carl to fuck her. To make things easier, Patty lay full length on the couch on her back By now Carl had fully regained his erection and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. Slowly, he pushed the whole length into her. This brought a cry at the sharp pain of her ruptured hymen, which was replaced by a groan of pleasure as she felt his hardness fully enter her cunt and turn the pain into pleasure. Patty gave herself up to the sensation of Carl’s hard cock stroking the walls of her cunt, and she was totally at his mercy, begging him to fuck her and fill her with his cum. The slow, gentle strokes of Carl’s cock gradually increased until he was rapidly plunging in and out of this virgin cunt.

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   It was not long before he felt the familiar sensation of his cum rising from his groin. The sound of patty’s cries of “fuck me, fuck me, fill me with your cum,” spurred him on to fill her cunt with his hot cum. When he finally withdrew his cock from Patty’s drenched cunt, Carl saw cum oozing out of Patty’s cunt. His and her come were tinged with blood from her broken hymen. At this stage, Patty still had her dress on with the frothy skirt raised above her waist. Carl wanted to have her completely naked. With her help, they quickly had the dress and bra off, leaving her looking extremely horny in only the lace-topped stockings. Patty had lay back again, showing the soft, round globes of her tits, Carl slid his cock between them, then Patty pushed her tits together to encase his cock for a tit-fuck. Every time that his cock appeared above the valley of her tits, Patty lowered her head to get the tip of his cock into her mouth. Again, Carl felt the approach of an orgasm and warned Patty that he was about to cum. With one final thrust, he spurted hot cum into her open mouth, spilling some on to her neck and tits. Suddenly, there was a sound of applause made by the other guests at the party that had been watching the whole performance. Unknowingly the pair had been set up in the hope that they would provide the entertainment. Apparently this was a regular feature at these gatherings which explained why the pair were chosen for their age and sexuality. It was too late for embarrassment, so the pair dressed again to recover their modesty.

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   Back in her short, filmy dress, Patty looked as desirable as ever, and received many caresses to her bare arse from men and women among the guests, some of whom asked Patty to visit their homes for a “private” party. Patty declared that she was only interested in one person, and that was the man who had just relieved her of her virginity. If, however, Carl decided that it was OK to indulge somebody of either sex in a threesome, then she would happily oblige. She felt that she was completely under his controlCarl made arrangements for Patty to come to his place next week, and see what surprises he had come up with. PART TWO A WEEK LATERAfter a short delay Carl opened his door to Patty’s knock, and showed her in. No sooner than they were inside the apartment, with the door closed behind them, he pressed Patty against the wall and slid a hand under the hem of her very short skirt, to caress the firm cheeks of her soft, pert arse. This was just what she needed, the assurance that Carl still desired her. As he stroked the cheeks of her panty-clad arse, Patty became aroused and ground her crotch against Carl’s rapidly-growing erection. Pretty soon Patty became aware of another hand gently stroking her pussy lips through the front of her tiny panties. Looking down, she saw to her amazement, that it was a girl about her own age and build. Carl had moved to allow the girl room to work, and the hand at the front of Patty’s panties was replaced by the girl’s tongue. This was something that Patty had never experienced, but found the gentle soft touch of the girl not at all unpleasant. As the girl rose to stand in front of her, Patty saw that she was very pretty, and was dressed similarly to herself, even down to a very short skirt that barely covered her crotch. The girl had long, shapely legs and a large pair of large, soft tits to rival her own. Carl introduced the girl as Casey, saying that she was an extremely sexy girl who wanted to try any and every sexual experience.

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   At this, Casey moved in on Patty and took her in her arms to plant a wet, open-mouthed kiss on Patty’s willing lips. Soon their tongues were duelling in each other’s mouth. Carl, meanwhile had got behind Patty and had lifted the hem of her short skit from behind. He then lowered the zip of his trousers to get his cock out and placed it between Patty’s arse cheeks. The effect of Carl’s pressure from behind, forced Patty to rub her crotch into Casey’s, which had the effect of rousing her even more, Patty felt Casey lift her skirt at the front to start fingering her own pussy. This made Patty very wet, and following suit she placed her fingers inside her own panties to caress her clit, anxious for some more sex play. Patty lowered her tiny panties to help Carl penetrate her from his position behind her. The moisture that Patty had caused by rubbing her clit, made it easy for Carl’s hard cock to slide smoothly in to patty’s waiting cunt. It did not take him long to spurt his first cum of the evening; some of which spilled over Casey’s wrist, which was still working at the outside of her own panties. The feel of Carl’s hot cum on her wrist filled her with desire to reach her own climax. With a little more stroking, Casey reached a shattering orgasm to complete the trio’s pleasure. They all broke apart and Patty asked Casey to lift her own skirt, lower her panties then to rub her pussy. Casey eagerly complied by lowering her panties and taking them off. This completed, she raised her skirt to display a beautiful, blonde pussy, which she began to stroke. Patty, erotically roused by this, asked the girl to sit in a chair with her legs apart, so that she could get down between them and taste her cunt.

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   When patty had managed to position herself on her knees, she slid her hands up Casey’s long legs to spread her cunt lips, which she opened in preparation to lick the girl’s pretty blonde cunt to climax. Patty located Casey’s little clit with her tongue, and began to lick it gently. Casey was highly aroused by Patty’s ministration, and soon reached another shattering climax. Carl had regained his erection from this erotic display and could not resist the opportunity presented by the sight of Patty’s panty-clad arse peeping from underneath her short skirt as she was bending over to lick Casey’s cunt. Placing himself behind Patty, he lifted her skirt up over her arse, then lowered her panties to allow him to enter her arse from behind. Patty felt the pressure at her crinkled hole, and was frightened that it may prove too painful, so using some of the moisture from Casey’s dripping cunt, she reached behind to coat Carl’s rigid cock with it. At the same time she relaxed her sphincter, to feel the head of Carl’s cock push into her arse, then she felt it slowly slide in until he was in up to his balls which she felt against her pussy lips. Carl began to withdraw his cock slowly from Patty’s arse, then slowly push back in until patty became accustomed to having her virgin arse opened so wide. At a cry from Patty of “Please, fuck my arse, fill it with your hot cum,” harder, harder,” Carl increased the pace of his arse-fucking, pushing ever deeper and harder into Patty’s pert arse. The thrusting from Carl’s fucking caused Patty to press again into Casey’s crotch, and apply her tongue repeatedly to Casey’s cunt. The gradually increasing speed of Carl’s thrusts, had the effect of pushing Patty harder against Casey’s pussy, bringing all three to a simultaneous orgasm for the second time that evening. Coming down from her orgasm, Casey was quick to suggest that they made for the bedroom where they could fuck in more comfort. Patty wanted to strip Casey so that she could appreciate the girl’s beauty first hand. Casey readily agreed so long as she could return the compliment. Once in the comfort of the bedroom, Patty slowly unbuttoned the top of Casey’s blouse to slowly reveal a magnificent pair of tits, topped with button-sized pink nipples.

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   These were too much of a temptation for Patty to resist and she lowered her mouth to the girl’s tits to take a nipple and suck on it. While getting her nipple sucked, Casey lowered her own skirt to stand naked in front of Patty. Reluctantly Patty released the nipple, and encouraged Casey to undress her. The earlier process was reversed as Casey revealed Patty’s magnificent tits and gave them the same treatment that she had just received. Carl, meanwhile had taken his clothes off and decided that the girls could have some fun while he watched. His cock was still hard, and he began stroking it while watching the lesbian display in front of him. Both girls, now naked, lay on the bed, with Patty lying between Casey’s spread legs. They positioned themselves so that their cunt lips were rubbing together. This pressure of clit on clit, soon had both girls moaning with pleasure. Casey reached out to the bedside cabinet and took out an enormous pink strap-on which she buckled into position, then slowly inserted it into patty’s dripping cunt. Patty was no stranger to dildoes, but this was something new. She rolled over on to her back, spread her legs to allow Casey full access with the strap-on to her wet cunt. The girl was an expert with this huge artificial cock, and gave Patty the ride of her life, this was only the third time that Patty had been fucked by another person, but was beginning to really enjoy it. The speed of Casey’s thrusts reached a peak, encouraged by cries of “fuck me with that monster, make me cum,” bringing Patty to a massive climax. Carl had been wanking at the sight of these two women, and had cum at the same time as Patty, who by now had relieved Casey of the strap-on and had put it on herself.

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   Casey, in anticipation, had turned on to her back, with her legs open, ready for a fucking by Patty. As Patty eased herself in position to insert the giant cock into Casey’s eager cunt, she noted that Casey’s cunt had become wet, in readiness to accommodate the plastic cock. No sooner had Patty driven the strap-on fully home, than Casey was screaming in ecstasy at the cunt-splitting sensation. This spurred Patty on to increase the speed of her pumping into the other girl’s wet cunt. Cries from Casey of “give me more, fuck me hard with that cock,” were followed by her massive climax. Carl had decided that he now wanted a piece of the action, so he gently eased Patty away from Casey, and spread her legs in readiness to sink his hard cock into the blond cunt. Carl was not ready for the next move. Casey had wrapped her legs around his waist, holding him in a vice-like grip, while Patty, still wearing the strap-on, climbed on his back and stuck the giant cock, lubricated with Casey’s juices in his arse. The pumping action of Carl fucking Casey, made it easier for Patty to plunge the artificial cock in and out of Carl’s arse. With the sensation from front and rear, it was not long before Carl felt the familiar sensation of his cum rising from his balls. Casey also felt her climax approaching, and screamed “give me your cum, fill my cunt” as she reached the peak of pleasure. All three were by now exhausted from their exertions, and fell asleep in a tangle of limbs. Before Patty dropped of, she thought back to how much her life had changed in just one week. The thought ran through her tired brain “Why did I wait for so long?”.



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