Locker Room Blow-off


It was late. Jimmy was the last person in the showers. Jimmy’s a good-looking guy. He’s very muscular, but not bulky, and has dark brown hair. He turned off the water and ran his hands down over his pecs and abs, sliding the water off his body. He looked around and realized someone had taken his towel. As he walked around the lockers, he came upon a sight to incredible to believe.
Kelly and April, two cheerleaders were on their knees giving blowjobs to his friends. These girls were hot, both blonde with blue eyes and perfect bodies. Their large supple boobs rocked back and forth as their heads bobbed on the engorged cocks in front of them. None of Jimmy’s friends even acknowledged his presence.
Jimmy felt his dick grow and thought he’d see if he could join them. Jimmy walked over and stood next to Andy. Now Andy is the assistant coach and is little older than the others, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. Pecs, abs, and a light trail of light brown hair from his navel down his washboard lower abs to his large erect dick. He was stroking his cock with his right hand and never looked up.

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   Every once and a while he would jiggle it and April would take it in her mouth.
Beside Andy were Billy and Robbie, twins. The only way you could tell these two apart was because Billy had darker hair. Otherwise, even naked these two are identical with baby blue eyes and the same hairstyle. Billy was caressing his body as April went all the way down on his hard shaft. It was strange; they both seemed to get off on seeing each other get blown. Then April grabbed Robbie’s cock and double sucked them. Both guys rocked their hips forward tensing their six-pack abs as April slobbered all over their cocks.
Meanwhile, beside Robbie was Sam. Sam is the only black guy on the team and what they say about black dudes was true. His cock was nearly nine inches long as it bobbed in front of Kelly’s mouth. Sam was another jock who was ripped. He looked down as Kelly tried to take in his huge dick. She could barely get more than his cock head in her mouth. She used her hand to stroke the rest of his long shaft as she sucked on his huge knob.

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   She didn’t even bother servicing anyone else; Sam was a handful.
As April sucked on the twins and occasionally and Andy and finally Jimmy, Evan walked into the locker room.
“What the fuck…” Evan exclaimed as he came upon the orgy.
“Oh hell’s yeah!” and with that Evan peeled off his shirt revealing his rippling abs and well-defined pecs. He quickly undid his belt and opened up his jeans and slid them along with his underwear down past his low hanging balls. He walked right up in between Robbie and Billy.
“Mmmm”, April immediately devoured his ever-growing cock.
Meanwhile, Sam started grunting. He was about to blow.
“Ah, I’m gonna cum. ” He said as his hips started to rock faster.
“You ready for it?”
“Mmmhmmm” Kelly answered without removing his cock from her mouth.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh Fuck!”
With that Sam exploded inside Kelly’s mouth.
“Swallow it! Come on slut! Swallow it! That’s it. ”
Kelly did her best to swallow his load, but soon jism was dripping out of her mouth and all over Sam’s cock.

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   She did her best to lick it all up.
April left Robbie, Billy, and Evan to jerk off and turned her attention to Andy and Jimmy, sucking one while stroking the other and switching off.
Andy’s face turned bright red.
“Yeah… yeah baby…. I’m gonna cum…”
Andy quickly pulled out of April’s mouth and jerked his dick hard.
“Ahhhhh” He growled as he poured out his cum all over April’s face and tits. As his semen pumped out of his dick April licked her lips and rubbed his cum over her large tits.
April then focused on Jimmy, and it wasn’t long before he, too, came.
“Uuuuuhhhhhh. Oh yeah” he grunted as he stroked the cum out of his engorged dick.
Shockingly, Sam was still hard and Kelly continued sucking on his dark meat.
Feeling that it would be rude to walk away, Jimmy and Andy just stood there stroking their dicks as April turned to the twins and Evan.
“Thought you forgot about us. ” Billy said.
“Never, baby” she replied.

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   She pulled the three guys close together so that their cock heads all touched. Their dicks all jumped at the contact. April took all three cock-heads in her mouth and swirled her tongue around them.
“Fuuuuck. ” Robbie moaned.
“Oh shit!” Evan exclaimed as he looked down at the three dicks stretching out April’s mouth.
“Suck it, baby, that’s it. Suck it” Billy whispered as he ran his hands over his chest and nipples.
“Play with our balls” Robbie whispered. She started rubbing and jiggling Billy and Robbie’s balls.
“Oh! Ahhh!” Billy pulled out and just stood there and watched as his cock jumped and spit up his cum, again and again and again, all over April’s face.
“Ohhhh!” April squealed, letting Evan and Robbie’s cocks pop out of her mouth.
“Think you can swallow it, baby?” Robbie asked as his body tensed.
“Mmmhmmm” she responded.
“Oh yeah, cocksucker, I’m cumming! Oh….

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   Oh… YEAH!”
Robbie’s dick throbbed as it shot semen down April’s throat. By now the slurping sounds along with the sensation of Robbie’s pulsing dick was too much for Evan.
He quickly stepped back and jerked off all over April’s boobs. As he did, he pinched his erect nipples and ran his other hand up and down his chest and abs.
“Fuck, yeah! Fucking cocksucker! Damn!” 
Everyone turned their attention to Kelly who was growing tired as she continued to suck and stroke Sam’s still engorged cock.
“Here, baby. Let me!” he said. Sam pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock in front of her face.
“Give it to me, baby. Come on, I want that hot cum all over my face and tits. Come on, stud, cum for me. ”
Sam started grunting and shot another impressive load all over Kelly’s face and tits.
Kelly and April both sat back and used their fingers to wipe the cum off their bodies and stick it in their mouths.
Evan tried to reach down and squeeze April’s sticky breast but she slapped his hand away.
“Hey, no touching!”
“What?” Even said with a laugh.

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“All right guys. ” Andy said. “Time to hit the showers!”
The girls got up and walked out of the locker room. The guys all looked at each other for a moment, and then started walking towards the showers.
“Can you believe that?”
“That was fuckin’ hot as hell. ”