We developed a tacit but mutual attraction; my heart beating faster and faster as he held me close to him, and as we walked hand in hand. I wanted the walk to go on forever. As we were approaching the wan village, John suddenly took me into his arms and kissed me on my lips. As if expecting this to happen, I let my body melt in his arms and closed my eyes in feminine bliss as we kissed passionately, entwining his tongue with mine, enveloping both my lips alternatively. I opened my eyes slowly as drops of rain disturbed our romantic stint. We smiled at each other, with love and desire; and set out to reach the village before the rain caught up. With new enthusiasm, we entered the village where we were given a cottage to stay. The houses in the village were made of wood. Brick and concrete were hardly found. With no trace of dust and pollution, and a scenic beauty that perhaps had no match, yet just thirty-five km from the heart of Shimla, I thought I found paradise. Was it because of John, or was it because of the place, I could not make out. Hearing to the sound of the splattering raindrops on the wooden roof of the cottage, I started to prepare coffee and toast while John went to take a bath. As I passed around the bedroom, sipping fresh filter coffee, I could see that the cottage was entirely made of wood; planks of wood were nailed together to make up the walls, over which was the slant roof supported by beams – also made of wood. There were small gaps between the pieces of wood that were nailed together. A dim light was dispersing onto the bedroom floor from between two particular planks, which left a larger gap than the others. Inadvertently, I peeped through the gap and was shocked to realize that it was the bathroom on the other side.

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   John was standing there naked, taking his bath ever so slowly, and humming to himself, a latest Hindi song. Soaping himself thoroughly, he took his cock into his hands and started playing with it. I saw his huge built very clearly and closely, and he was facing the gap, from where I was watching, as if he knew exactly where it was. He started moving his hand up and down his cock, and the lather from the soap making it even more prominent. I felt my nipples hardening, as the wetness between my legs grew, accompanied by dryness in the mouth and trembling in the hands. Unable to stand it longer, I lost control over the coffee cup and dropped it, the coffee spilling all over the wall. Quickly hurrying into the kitchen, I brought a wet cloth to clean the coffee to clear this trail before John could see it. After I was through with the cleaning, I had one last look through the gap – but there was no John. I got shivers up my spine to realize that he was standing beside me and watching me clean the coffee stains on the wall. Embarrassed that he now knew what I was doing I said, “The coffee spilled over. As guests, we ought to take care of this cottage as long we stay here. Oughtn’t we?”He leaned over to me and said, “Indeed, you are a very good when it comes to cleaning up. ” He had only a towel wrapped around his waist and I had to control myself very hard to avoid looking at his bulging crotch, which the towel found hard to conceal. “John, please pour yourself some coffee from the flask in the kitchen. I will finish with my bath and we can have some breakfast.

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  ” Gathering myself into control and sense, I headed for the bathroom wondering if John would peep through the hole. I took a little extra time with each step of the bath. I began to undress more slowly and deliberately than usual, removing each article as if it were special, hanging it carefully on one of the wooden pegs in the wall behind which I presumed John stood. When naked, I feigned a long leisurely yawn and stretch, concentrating on moving every part of myself from the ground up. I started to wet myself first with lukewarm water, being sure to face the peephole wall always. I then sat on the edge of the bathroom stool, spread my legs and began soaping myself. The soap was home made – popular now from the herbal revolution; it was neither liquid nor solid, but a combination of the two, and came in round glass jar from which one had to scoop it out as needed. The soap always seemed warm, even on the coldest nights, and I found it unusually pleasant as I applied it. Perhaps it was because I remembered I was being watched; or perhaps because I had been thinking about what I saw a little while ago. Soaping myself, I left the breasts for the last, covering my whole body, even the face, with the smooth yellow soap but deliberately going around and over my breasts so that they stuck out full and red tipped from the yellow figure to which they belonged. When at last I did them with slow, caressing, tantalizing movements that rolled, lifted, cupped and squeezed them into half a dozen different shapes, teasing them until their nipples swelled up as hard as unshelled pecans. I then finished with it, left hot and wanting inside. Rinsing myself thoroughly, I took my time drying, performing directly for the peeping hole but never looking at it or letting on that I was aware of it. Gathering my clothes, I hurried on to the adjoining bedroom, wrapped in a towel. I looked around for John but couldn’t find him.

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   Feeling betrayed, for no reason, I stood there my mind totally blank and the heat in me, totally out of control. Almost as I resigned to my fate, I felt John’s hands on me, as he hugged me from behind. He gently plucked the towel, loosening the knot, and let it fall onto the ground. One hand over my waist and holding me close to him, he caressed with the other hand my cheeks, neck, breasts, and touched my pussy as delicately as a feather. I turned my face sideways as he touched his lips with mine for a passionate kiss. His finger slowly entered my now wet pussy and started in and out movements. I could feel his manhood touching my buttocks from his shorts. Breaking the kiss, I moaned as his finger explored my wetness. Lifting me in his arms, he put me on the bed, then removing his shorts, settled beside me in his quest for pleasure. Just as his cock’s head found my pussy, he stopped. “What?” I barely managed to ask. Tearing a condom from its packet, he said, “we can't do injustice to our campaign. Can we?”I took over from him, kissed his cock first and then helped him wear the condom. I then guided it along my pussy, as he entered my body and the feeling of oneness was all I longed for. This one moment, when John and I were one body and one soul, made my life worth living.

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   As I climaxed with an orgasm like never before, John was finishing too. We took our own time dressing up, kissing and fondling each other. Having no more time left for breakfast, we hurried to the local gathering for the start of our campaign. Epilogue:In the two years that passed after we left ‘Wan’ village, I never met John again. After much inquiry I found out that John was now a victim of the AIDS virus, contacting the virus by accident while he was testing a sample in Calcutta. John staked his life to bring about awareness of what this deadly disease can do to a human being. I learnt from John that this disease could also destroy one’s soul altogether. As long as John would live, he would still fight the virus, like a dying soldier who doesn’t give up until the last of his breath. My soul still carries his dream – a day when there would be no AIDS in this world. .