Jan and Ian's Erotic Moments 2 (4th installment)


Jen could feel the wetness in her groin and it wasn't all from the soap trickling down. She moaned into Ian's mouth as she felt his soapy fingers massage her nipples. He was grinding his body into her back while he was manipulating her breasts. His cock was sliding easily up and down the crack of her ass as he felt his cock grow harder. Tweaking her nipples made Jen moan more as she ground her butt back into his hardon. The soap lather making it much more easy to slide on each other's bodies. Ian soaped his hands some more and let his fingers slide over her stomach and across her navel. He took a little extra time to caress her navel and all around her stomach. He was licking around her neck and ears and whispered to lean back into him some more. As Jen leaned back, her groin pushed out, and Ian's fingers slid down to the top of her mound. Soaping up her cunt lips he let his fingers slide around the outside and then down to the top of her thighs. He let his fingers slide back up the crease just dipping inside now. He could feel the heat between her pussy lips Jen felt his fingers begin to dip into the folds of her pussy and pushed against them. She found it hard not to squirm as his fingers turned her legs to spagetti. She could feel the overwhelming tightening in her belly and her groin once again. She took her soapy hand and reached behind her the feel the stiff rod between her butt cheeks.

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   Wrapping her hand around it she began to slide it up and down slowly. She was spasming inside as she felt his fingers get ever closer to her clit. Ian slid his fingers up to her clit and began to manipulate it as Jen clenched her teeth and moaned loudly. With this spasm she leaned forward and in one quick movement guided his soapy cock to her pussy . Ian took the hint and pushed forward sliding his cock easily into her hot wet depths. Now his fingers were more directly working on her clit as she bucked back at his cock and he pulled out and drove into her with a quickening pace. Jen's pussy was clenching as she move fore and back with him. Ian was now pushing deeply with each forward thrust and he could feel the tightness in the pit of his stomach. He continued to tweak her clit as she moaned ever louder . Jen was pushing back harder now as he pushed forward, his balls clapping her bottom with each deep thrust. He was feeling the urges build within his groin now. Ian slowed a little to avoid cumming first. He then concentrated on her clit and started to tweak on her nipple with the other fingers. As he pulled on her nipple and her clit at the same time he was pushing deeply within her. Jen began to buck seriously as she felt all the muscles in her pussy tingle.

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   She could feel her pussy walls pulsing around his ever throbbing cock. Jen sighed out a long whine as she felt every nerve in her body tense. Ian's cock was now throbbing hard as Jen's pussy walls sucked him into her. She felt his cock throb one more time and then he groaned as he let his come shoot into her. Jen could feel the warmth of the fluid as it rushed into her. She was barely able to stand now as her orgasm started to subside. They stood there under the pleasant spray of the water for a few more minutes while trying to catch their breath and regain enough strength to move out of the shower. Slowly they started to get out of the shower and to dry each other off. Jen asked Ian to follow her to the bedroom after they were dry. She sexily crawled up onto the bed and Ian slid up behind her in a spooning position. He ran his fingers over her soft body slowly and he commented on how beautiful she was. They dozed off cuddling together, their bodies sharing warmth. In a little while Ian woke up with another hard on. He looked over the sweet body laying before him and decided to give her another special treat. He couldn't get over how soft and sexy she looked while sleeping there in front of him.

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   He crawled down the bed a bit and began slowly running his fingers over her feet and lower legs. His the leaned forward to touch the feet with kisses, first on the tops of the toes and then to the ankle. Jen began to awaken to this nice feeling. She let out a little sigh as she looked down her form to see his eyes meet hers. Ian took her foot into one hand and beagn kissing in ernest now, slowly sucking each toe into his lips and treating it as he had her clit a while ago. Jen began to wiggle a bit as she felt familiar tingles radiate all the way up to her groin. He slowly finished one foot and then took the other and beagn to suck on the toes and lick up to her calf. Jen could feel herself getting real excited as Ian finished on her toes and started to lick upward on her legs. By mid calf she was moving her ass around on the bed and playing with her own breasts. . She tweaked each nipple and moaned as Ian's tongue and lips went higher to the area behind her knees. He played a little while on this area and she became very wet in anticipation. Ian's lips and tongue moved slowly up to her thighs as he felt the first spasms of many to come. Jen tensed a little and moaned as she grabbed his head trying to pull him further up her thigh. Ian was not going to let her move him any faster and slowly kissed up her one thigh.

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   He stopped just short of her pussy and went back down the other thigh to her knee. Jen was grinding her butt into the bed and trying to get him to come back up. He would have none of this, as he casually kissed back up and past her pussy onto her belly and navel. Jen grabbed him by the hair now and tried to push him back to her hot pussy. She desperately needed his attention there now. She jumped slightly as he sucked on her navel and touched her clit with two of his fingers. Jen was happy to feel some attention there , but really wanted his lips and tongue working it. Ian slowly dipped back down and took the clit into his mouth and beagn to suck.
    Jen almost immediately groaned and spasmed once again. Several more spasms followed now as he sucked fully on the clit , dancing his tongue right on the tip. Jen was beside herself now as he entered two fingers into her hot pussy and curved them forward. He suddenly hit a spot she had so waited for. She tensed as he hit the spot and told him , right there. Ian began to rubb the hardening area and sucking her clit at the same time. Suddenly Jen flet like the whole body and mind exploded as lights and colors passed through her brain and evry tiny nerve radiated.

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       She let out a long sigh and scream as she went totally rigid now. her fingers wrapped tightly in Ian's hair felt as though they would pull it out by the roots. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of tenseness Jen pushed his face away and she had to clamp her legs shut. It took a little time till she started to relax from this one. Jen took Ian up to her face and kissed him passionately as she whispered she'd love him forever. Now, she said, it was her turn. Jen now started to trace kisses all over his face and his ears. Working her lips and tongue down his neck and all around the top of his chest taking special effort when reaching his nipples. This was strangly very exciting for Ian as he felt electrical impulses from his nipples and felt his cock twinge once again. Jen made slow deliberate movements of lips and tongue and casually worked her way down to his stomach. By this time his cock was sitting up near his stomach, but jen skipped past it to lick and kiss down his thighs. Her fingers still teasing his nipples as she kissed all over his thighs and right up to the ball sac. Ian could feel his groin tighten each time her tongue made contact with his thigh and nut sac. Now it was he who was trying to pull her head closer to the goal. She licked all around his stiff cock but refused to take it into the area of her manipulations.

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       He was going insane with tenseness as she finally took his ball sac into her mouth and sucked and licked on it. Ian so wanted her to take the whole thing in her mouth at this point. He graoned loudly as she licked up the side of his cock and finally engolfed it into her warm mouth. She kept one hand on the sac as she began to suck and as she could feel his sac and cock begin to swell she would stop and wait a few minutes. This waiting would drive him up the wall. Jen did this many times and finally she stopped and climbed up to mount his raging cock. She slowly lowered herself and moved up and down and a little side to side. It didn't take long till he was pushing up as fast as she was lowering. In just a few more thrusts he pushed very hard and deep into her and shot all his liquid deep within her. He felt his balls straining to empty over and over again. It seemed to go on for a long time till he was totally spent. He pulled her down on top of him and kissed her deeply, hugging her like he would never let go. They lay there snuggling till they dozed off once again. .



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