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I met Thalia at a Gentlemen's club. She was intelligent and could carry-on an intelligent conversation on a wide variety of subjects. (Definitely what I always look for in a woman).
I took her into the VIP room to have a more private conversation and some fun.  We definitely had a strong connection/attraction for each other. I told her how much I love to pleasure women; even more than actually getting pleasured myself. As usual she was very surprised and delighted by this. So. . .
Since all she now had on was her G-string, I asked her to make herself cum by straddling my leg and rubbing her pussy back-and-forth on my leg. (Note that I always wear a loose pair of polyester pants to facilitate the sliding motion).
Thalia started sliding back and forth faster and faster. She told me it wouldn't take her long to cum. I told her to keep her eyes open and to let me know when she was cumming. She said she didn't know if she could keep her eyes open since she had never done that before.

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   I told her that I knew it was difficult to do, but if she could keep her eyes open it makes the whole orgasm that much more erotic and pleasurable.
Her breathing was getting heavier and faster. I could feel her hard little clit as it was sliding on my leg. I could feel her pussy open up and my leg was getting soaking wet from her pussy juice.
Thalia said, "I'm gonna cum. . . I'm gonna cum. . . I'M GONNA CUM!!!"
I said, "Keep your eyes open baby. . . keep 'em open. .

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  . you're so beautiful!"
Thalia's whole body shook violently in an explosive orgasm. She collapsed into me with a hug as she rested her head on my shoulder for a minute or two. Then, she got off of my leg to sit beside me on the sofa.
Thalia said, "Oh my God. . . feel my legs. . . they're still shaking". I said, "I know baby. I love that. It confirms you had a really good orgasm".
Since we only had a half hour before our time was up, I asked Thalia to do it again.

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   She quickly agreed.
I don't know how many orgasms Thalia had. I stopped counting after 7. Each orgasm would get more and more intense. I actually was amazed that she could keep her eyes open and look at me during each orgasm! However, during her final orgasm her eyes actually rolled back in her head. I thought she was going to pass out on me!
After her final orgasm she collapsed in my arms. Her arms and back were slick with sweat. The smell of the combination of her female scent mixed with her perfume was wonderful!
The guy in charge of the VIP rooms told us our time was up. We went back to our table in the VIP section, ordered some drinks, continued our conversation and exchanged our phone numbers.
Needless to say, it was a wonderful evening.
I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have many more stories to share between me and Thalia. If you wish you can email me at: ronin1225@yahoo. com. Let me know if this story helped "get you off".

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