Hot Tub Fun


Entering the hallway again, they grabbed some towels out of the closet and set out for the hot tub. He opened it and steped in, then took her hand and helped her into the hot water. The hot water took them in slowly as they knelt lower and lower, letting thier bodies adjust to the heat. He sat in the "captains chair," the one low seat in the corner, formed just right for a body, the perfect height, where your head is just above the water. After he and pulled her onto his lap, he kissed her, letting his tongue slide between her soft lips to meet hers. His mind was racing looking at her sexy, wet body. Running his hands up her back, he felt for the clasp to her top and finding it, gently unfastened it. He peeled the wet material from her breasts, and broke the kiss long enough to run his tongue in a small circle around her nipple, sucking gently before moving back to her lips.

He ran his fingers gently over her hard nipple, each finger bumped tenderly over it. His lips moved down to suck gently on her neck. His tongue moved from the base of her neck to her ear, gently teasing her ear. He nibbled on her earlobe for a moment then moved his lips back to hers as she sighed so sexily with the tinglings he gave her. She moved her hands down the front of his body, feeling his chest and his strong abs. She undid the velcro on his boardshorts, pulled out his now hard dick and started stroking it slowly, running her soft hand up and down the entire lenght of it. He looked into her sexy green eyes, and his hand slid down to her most private of areas, softly rubbing her through her suit. His fingers moved her swimsuit out of the way so he could slide his middle finger into her.

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   She let out a tantilizing moan and kissed him deeply, her hand moving up and down on him quicker and quicker as he worked his finger around in a small circle, getting enough room to slide in a second finger. Another moan escaped her lips, muffled by his lips pressing against hers. He wraped his other hand under her and pulled her farther up on him. She allowed her self to slide down onto him, taking him deep within her. Waves begin to slap at the sides of the hot tub as she started to rock up and down on him. They locked eyes for a moment before she threw her head back and let the pleasure take over her, letting the moan out deep and sensual. His fingers moved once again over her nipples and she brought her head back down and kissed him hard and long, thier tongues teasing each other as she moved up and down on him. His back began to sting where her nails dug into his skin. Too soon, the heat from the water began to bear down on them. Her swimsuit fell back into place as he slowly and gently pulled himself out of her. He pushed himself back into his swimsuit and stood up. She put her top back on and steped out of the tub. He steped out behind her and wraped her in a towel and they walked together quickly back into his room. To be continued if i get decent comments.



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