Fun with the care assistant


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people, circumstances or another persons story, are purely coincidental.
It was another boring night in the nursing home. Infact, Arthur had not had an eventful time since his daughter had placed him there. He was angry because he was finding it difficult to make friends. He had no similar interests with anyone here. Even his room-mate Nigel, who was 77yrs old.
The women were not interested in sex.   Even at the ripe old age of 69, Arthur was not at all impotent. He had awoken many nights with a hard, throbbing cock. Occasionally, he had sneaked into the womens sleeping quarters. Once, he had placed his throbbing member into the mouth of a sleeping Grandmother. As he began thrusting in and out of her mouth, the poor old Granny had awoken, and screamed, alerting the staff of the nursing home. He had always covered his tracks by pleading insanity, on the grounds he had dementia, which he really didn't have.
A few days ago, a new care assistant, Sue, had started working at the home. She was about 21yrs old, 5' 3" tall, nice slim legs, long blonde hair, and a big bust.

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   The sort of girl that could give a eunich a hard on. Arthur had been aroused by her the night she gave him his medication. As she leaned over him, her breasts so close to his face, Arthur had become aroused. His big bulge quite obvious beneath the sheets. The young lady looked at Arthur's bulge, then turned to his face and smiled. Arthur may have been old, but he knew the signs of lust. And this girl wanted to be fucked. He just knew it.
One morning, as both Arthur and Nigel awoke, Arthur decided to have a conversation with Nigel. "Listen" said Arthur, "One night soon, I'm gonna fuck the ass off that young, hot assistant. And it's going to have to be in this room, so either you fall asleep quickly, or you see eveything. Either way, just keep your fucking mouth shut!!"
"Hey" said Nigel, "You think I give a shit?. I've seen the look on that sluts face. She's just itching to be fucked, I just wish I could do it myself. I am however impotent, but hell, I want to see her in action!!"
"So, what are you saying?" asked Arthur.

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   "Well" replied Nigel, "You grab her, and I will grab her, and we will have some fun!!" "Excellent" replied Arthur, "But remember, if the shit hits the fan, we don't know anything. We both have dementia, ok?"
The next morning seemed to last an eternity. The day went so slowly. Arthur and Nigel smiled at each other, knowing that this night would be fun for the both of them. Arthur became erect at the thought of the forthcoming events.
At 19. 00hrs, the gorgeous assistant started work as usual. All the residents of the care home were sent to bed. All that remained was for the assistants to administer the evening medication, then the rest of the shift would be easy. For some reason, Arthur and Nigel were the last people to be administered their medication. As usual Sue entered Arthur and Nigel's room. Approaching Arthur, she smiled and leaned over him as usual, her breasts in his face. Looking down at his crotch, she saw the bulge that always greeted her, and she looked him in the eyes and smiled. Instead of opening his mouth to receive the medication, Arthur just looked at her. Without warning, a sudden jolt from behind had her face down on Arthur's bed.

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Nigel had jumped her from behind, and he was holding her down, and had placed his hand across her mouth. Without hesitation, Arthur scrambled out of the bed. Arthur ordered Nigel to turn her over, so she was on her back. Once in this position, Arthur ripped eagerly at her top. Tearing it open, Arthur could see her breasts cupped in the constraints of her bra. Arthur tugged at her bra, releasing her big, pendulous tits from their prison. Once free, Arthur had an overwhelming urge to suck them, his mouth and tongue went to work, soon her nipples had grown hard, and he looked her in the eye. She was not in fear. She was watching him, waiting for him to make his next move. She was grinning seductively, urging him on with her smile.
Arthur could barely contain himself. Even Nigel came in on the act. Grabbing at her big tits, poking his tongue in her mouth, to which she responded. He kissed the young woman with intense passion. Taking his tongue out of her mouth, he moved down to her big tits.

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  . Taking one in his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on her nipple, drawing it out, while Arthur sucked on her other breast. Oh, how he loved the feel of young tit in his mouth. Arthur stripped of his PJ bottoms, revealing a long and hard cock. Sue looked at it, and licked her lips. An obvious invite to put his cock in her mouth? Arthur climbed onto the bed, got astride her head. Her mouth opened, hungry for his big cock. Sue seemed desperate to get that shaft in her mouth. Once in, Sue sucked as though her life depended on it. Arthur had to think unsexy thoughts to stop himself from cumming. Nigel released his grip on her, and clambered down the bed. Pulling up her skirt and opening her thighs, Nigel pulled aside her panties, revealing her slit. Spreading the folds of her flesh with his fingers, Nigel found her clitoris, and began to tongue it. Sue loved the feeling of this old mans tongue on her clit. It was heaven.

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   She could feel the signs of an orgasm approaching. She came, releasing a quantity of fluid into the old mans mouth. Nigel was exstatic. He wanted more of her juices, so he continued to lick her, his tongue entering the young womans hole.
Sue carried on sucking Arthur. He was pumping her mouth now. Furiously. His hands wandered over her young tits, tweaked her big hard nipples. This sent Sue wild, her sucking became more intense. She took the shaft out of her mouth, and ran her tongue all over the head of his cock.
    A small amount of precum emerged from his dick, and Sue eagerly licked it up, relishing the taste of his old cum.
    Sue ordered Arthur to sit on her belly. Arthur obeyed. Once in position, Sue grabbed his cock, and placed it between her big tits. Wrapping her glorious boobs around his shaft, she furiously started to tit fuck him.

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       Arthur really enjoyed this. He grabbed her tits, and started pumping his shaft between them. As the head of his cock got nearer to her mouth, Sue stuck out her tongue, so his head would rub over it, and occasionaly she managed to get the head inside her mouth. This bitch was one dirty slut, he thought.
    Meanwhile, Nigel continued to tongue her. Her cunt was really wet now, he couldn't believe how juicy she was. He manouvered his tongue from her open hole, to her clitoris. Lapping up all of her womanly honey. Her legs started to shudder, Nigel knew she was cumming again. He placed his mouth over her hole, intent on catching all the cum that would flow out. With one final gasp from Sue, her whole body shuddered, and her juice was released. Nigel could feel it in his mouth, and eagerly swallowed it down.
    Arthur was still enjoying tit fucking this slut. Releasing his cock from between her tits, Arthur kneeled forward, and pointed his weapon at her mouth. Sue took it in and began to suck.

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       Arthur could now feel the familiar signs of an orgasm approaching. . He needed to cum. But where? Should he ejaculate in her mouth, or should he come all over these big, glorious tits?
    Time was running out. Sue would be needed to be seen by the other assistants soon, or they would come looking for her. Nigel had emerged from her thighs now, covered in sticky traces of love juice. It was time for Arthur to cum. Seeing Sue's mouth bobbing up and down his penis was now too much for him. Feeling he was about to cum, Arthur relesed his cock from her mouth, aimed at her tits, and shot his load all over them. . Long hot streams of cum blasted her tits. It dribbled down them, and covered her nipples. Sue moaned excitedley. Her hands proceeded to rub the cum into her big breasts. Arthur watched, and this excited him more, and a second stream of hot cum erupted from his cock, which landed over her lips and chin.

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       Her tongue came out and lapped the love juice up. Arthurs cock was now spent, and he clambered off her.
    Sue calmly got off the bed, wiped herself down with a towel, smiled at the gentlemen, adjusted her uniform, and walked away. She had enjoyed herself!! Dirty bitch!!
    Arthur and Nigel looked at each other and exchanged smiles. They both knew that the fun had only just begun. This slut was a real whore, and Arthur knew he would be fucking her again, sometime real soon. Perhaps being in a nursing home wasn't so bad after all.



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