Fraternity Daze 3


Fast forward a couple of years. Now we were older and wiser, seasoned college students who had survived many long aimless nights together. Chris was still dating my friend, and we were all very close and cared about each other. She was a couple of years younger than I, me being a slightly non-traditional student. Small of frame, she had a short shock of straight red hair above blue eyes, and freckles across her face and down her arms. We were incredibly comfortable with each other, best friends in the truest sense. She swore like a dockworker and didn't put up with any uppity sorority bullshit. During one party, we came out of my room (we're now in the frat house) where a bunch of us had been partying in private. A line of girls waited in the hallway for the bathroom and another buddy was coming up the stairs towards us. She yelled out his name and they both leapt into the air to chest-bump each other. One of the girls in line turned to another and said loudly, "Not very lady-like. " Chris turned to her and matter-of-factly said with a smile, "Fuck you, bitch!" and walked down the stairs. It may not read well but trust me, it was a Moment. Time passed, and we found ourselves at another party as my last year in school started. Somewhere in the late evening/early morning Chris and I found ourselves talking in the chapter room. I doubt if either of us ever knew or cared what we were talking about.

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   But we started talking intimately, and then we were talking about how good friends we were, and then. . . I was slowly, word by word, telling her how I felt, how I had lain awake many nights thinking of her. I said, "I've thought about. . . being with you. . . I've thought about. . . " I paused, fearful of saying the words. Yes, she was a good friend but she was also dating one of my best friends.

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   How could I say such a thing, do that to him? Her hand slipped over and rested on my arm. I looked at it and finished the sentence: ". . . making love to you. " I raised my eyes and met hers. They were soft and she shyly smiled. "I have too. " We talked a while longer, about her boyfriend and whether it was the right thing for us to cave in to our desire for each other. We both knew where this was heading, but felt a need to share any collective guilt about our mutual lust. I led her upstairs to my room, locking the door behind us. I was briefly concerned that I was also locking out a visiting alumnus who I'd told could stay in the room that night, but I figured he'd find somewhere else to crash. Chris and I stood in the middle of the room, suddenly awkward. We leaned forward to kiss, and both started giggling. I hugged her and we gripped each other close.

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   My lips pressed into her hair, then around to her face and our lips met again. No laughter this time; our passion flared as we devoured each other. Our hands caressed each other's back as my lips and tongue slipped over hers. I swiftly grew erect and rolled myself against her crotch. She kissed back, watching under half-closed lids as our breath passed between us. My eyes lowered and I raised my hands to her shirt. She bit her lip as I unbuttoned it, revealing a black one-piece bustier under her plaid flannel shirt. I blinked. "Wow!" She giggled again. "I haven't done my laundry yet, and this was all I had to wear tonight. " My hands ran over the material, then rose to cup her breasts. She sighed and pressed forward as my fingers slipped over the flesh that rose above the black material. Her fingers trailed down to my belt, then her movements grew quicker as she began undoing my jeans. Her breathing quickened as she fumbled with the snap, her eyes fastened on my swollen crotch. The pants opened and her hands dove inside my underwear, drawing out my cock as she bent over and took it into her mouth like one possessed.

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   I stood swaying, watching in ecstatic disbelief as Chris sucked my erection deeply. She was in love with cocksucking, that was obvious. Her mouth formed a wide O as she bobbed up and down, stopping to lash her tongue around the head as her hand stroked the shaft. She continued for a few minutes until I absolutely needed to touch her, and I pulled her up for another kiss, walking her to the bed. We lay down still kissing, and my hand reached to cup her crotch. Two snaps held the bustier in place and it gave way easily as her legs opened, the curls of her bush filling my palm. My finger slipped between the labia to find her already wet, and I thrust it deeply into her as our bodies closed. We made love for hours. Our clothes fell away and we fondled each other, exploring every inch of our bodies. Her breasts were not overly small; they were the perfect shape and size that I love, just enough to comfortably fill the hand. Her nipples were a rosy pink, hard and pebbled and aching to be sucked. I asked if she liked them handled hard or soft and she replied, "Soft. " So I bathed her nipples with my tongue, drawing each slowly between my lips to roll it in my mouth, squeezing both breasts and kissing them as she watched from inches away. Chris had only been with one man before and was not used to my size. Slowly, so slowly I entered her.

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   Her pussy was tight but my erection did not waver. Inch by inch I sank inside, the slow thrusts of my body moving myself deeper and deeper into hers. When our pubic hairs finally meshed, her face broke into a beautiful wide grin which must have matched mine. As we continued rolling our hips together, her pussy loosened and my speed picked up until we were truly fucking, making love to each other in a pure frenzy of lust. She wanted me to cum inside her and I did, my orgasm setting off hers too as we clung tightly, our hips thrusting in unison to the slowly slackening rhythm. We stayed together most of the night. My other guest came knocking at the door about four in the morning, but I didn't answer. If I told him later I'd passed out drunk and forgot about unlocking the door, he would believe me. I didn't want word of Chris and I to get out to the others. She woke and left before dawn. After a few more hours of satisfied sleep, I went downstairs for a shower. In that room I met her boyfriend. We were both nude, and that combined with our close friendship made it easier. She had gone to his room after leaving mine and he had asked where she'd been all night, joking if she had "scooped" another brother. She had reacted guiltily, and he got the story out of her.

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   He and I talked, there in the shower room. I was surprised that he did not have a problem with it. He knew she was inexperienced and appreciated her trust in me. We shook hands, and I left feeling elated. That night, of course, was another party. Chris and I made serious eye contact through the evening, and talked under cover of the din from the speakers. Neither of us wanted the previous night to be the only time, and our eyes were direct and unabashed in our longing for each other. It wasn't until the following weekend that we had our next opportunity. It was another party, this at an off-campus apartment. We left together, walking back to our houses. Not unusual; after all, we were all friends right? We moved slowly across the dark campus, sitting on a bench under the oak trees as we talked for a bit. Then she led me into a dormitory. She was president of her sorority and had the key to their chapter room, which was located in the basement. I looked about for a moment, taking in the sight of a place I wasn't supposed to ever see. Then we were on each other again, dropping to our knees as we kissed.

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   Again, her hands dropped to my pants, drawing out my stiffened penis and inhaling it as though possessed. She seemed even tighter than before, and was concerned for a bit that she was too small as my naked body rose over hers. Soft words from me and slow steady thrusting soon put those fears to rest. I was in her completely, my cock steel-hard and throbbing in the ultimate liquid heat of her pussy. I pulled her onto the couch, letting her straddle me as I rubbed the fat tip of my cock over her pussy lips. She slowly settled on me as I gripped the soft globes of her ass, squeezing them tight and feeling her muscles move under the surface. She leaned forward as she sank onto me, catching herself with every inch until she again had me buried inside her. Her breasts were in my face and I kissed underneath their pale weight, rubbing the nipples with my nose and sucking them deep and soft into my mouth. She came with a soft cry, her pussy flowing as her hips shuddered and bucked against me. We lay on the carpet and she took me in her mouth again, facing me with her legs open for my fingers. She sucked my cock deeply, leaving only an inch beyond her lips as she fondled my balls. She hadn't much experience with different men, but she had learned well what she liked to do. I watched her blue eyes as her face rose and fell, her tongue licking down the underside of my shaft and concentrating on the sensitive underside of the head, looking straight back at me as her fist pumped up and down. "If you're not careful, you're going to make me cum," I gasped. "I want you to cum," she softly said.

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   "I want you to cum in my mouth. " Her mouth opened and she swallowed me deeply, savoring the feel of my cock between her lips. My hips began to buck and with a groan I exploded in her mouth, ejaculating heavily over her tongue. She swallowed and continued pumping, taking each warm jet of semen into her mouth. She kissed my cock as it slowly softened in her hand, then wormed her way back up to fall into my arms. I kissed her, and she seemed both surprised and pleased. We lay together for a while longer, making small talk and kissing. That was our last time together. She wanted to meet again, and we talked in private during the next party, my hands on her breasts as she sat in my lap, feeling her hard nipples through her brown sweater. But I was growing uncomfortable with continually cuckolding my friend, despite his seeming acceptance of the situation. Chris and I remained true friends for the rest of our college days, and I remain with one of the sweetest, sexiest memories I have ever known. * * * * * Her hand was softly moving under the blanket, and her eyes were closed as I finished the tale. I watched in silence until she opened her eyes with a sigh and reached for her glass. "Such good friends," she murmured. "Some things seem to go beyond mere definitions.

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  " Her eyes met mine, direct and unafraid. "True friendship and trust. Rare and wonderful to find. ".



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