Fraternity Daze 2


On the one hand, I was happy to play the gentleman and flattered that she would ask me to be her "protector" on the dark walk across campus. On the other hand, I was more than happy to get out of the basement and be alone with a sexy young woman. Our heads cleared a bit once we got outside in the cool autumn air. Incredibly, she lived two floors below me in my dorm. We entered the building and took the elevator to the fifth floor. Once again, my inexperience leapt to the forefront like a shining beacon of blunder. She got off, I said goodnight, and the doors closed. I slowly walked down my hallway, stopping at the fountain for a quick drink. I knew I could have played that scene better, but girls still were a mystery and scared the hell out of me until I got to know them. Rose was under no such illusions: she knew what she wanted. I saw the stair doorway open at the end of the hall and her face poke out to look at my door. My roommate was inside, so we walked back up the hall to the study lounge. We sat in the dark and talked, my right arm loosely around her. She sat close and soon the fingers of her right hand were softly running up and down the top of my thigh. Well, it only took three or four swings from a sledgehammer to get the message through my head, and I pulled her in for a kiss. I lay back on the couch and she straddled me, our mouths and tongues ravenous on each other.

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   I cupped her ass and squeezed and she responded by grinding her crotch into mine. My erection had bloomed and I arched it into her. She loved to french; her tongue was in my mouth more than in hers and I repaid the kindness. I brought my hand up to her small breast and lovingly squeezed and stroked. "I want you," I whispered. "Not tonight," she softly replied. "I know," I answered, and it must have been the right thing to say because she redoubled her kisses, writhing her body into mine. Soon, too soon, we broke apart and she went back to her room, leaving a promise to meet again the next night. I went to bed with a big stupid grin. Friday evening she came up to my room. We kissed again and she showed that beer had nothing to do with how much she liked it. The next few hours we visited a few rooms, drinking a little and smoking a little more. Eventually her fingers wandered onto the back of my knee, the soft tickles telling me she wanted us to be alone. With some excuse or another we headed back to her room and somehow, inexplicably, started playing backgammon. It didn't last long.

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   We were lying on the floor with the board between us, and we both got the idea at the same time. The board went skidding away and we were in each other's arms. I might have taken a little while to get in the right gear, but once there I knew how to focus. Now I was confident and I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. Our tongues were wrestling in a frenzy as I cupped her breast and then slipped my hand under her shirt and around her back. I had a good teacher in my youth, and the one-handed bra-unsnap was easy for me. My hand slid under the loose bra and found her naked tit, the nipple hard and swollen in the center. I pulled up her shirt and sucked the small nipple hard as she gasped and pulled my head tight to her. Now I was on automatic. My hand slid over her smooth belly to her pants, cupping her crotch through her jeans. She arched into me and I quickly unfastened her belt and the snap, unzipped her, slid my hand under her panties and over her bush, finding the soft lips already wet and readily opening as my finger slid between them once for lubrication, then curled and pushed deep into her pussy. She arched her hips hard, driving my finger deep into her as we kissed. She humped my finger and sucked my tongue, but I knew where I wanted to put it. I broke from her and scooted down to her feet, yanking off her shoes and reaching for her waistband. I roughly pulled her pants off, taking the panties with them.

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   One leg free, then the other and the pants flew behind me as she spread her legs wide, her dark bush exposed between two firm pale thighs. I lay my head on her left thigh and softly touched her thick bush of hair. Her labia protruded slightly, dark at the edges, and I slipped a finger into her, watching as it entered. A second finger quickly joined, and I finger-fucked her for a few moments, reveling in the incredible slickness. I brought my fingers up and sucked them, looking at her watching me. Then, I lowered my head, wrapping my arms around her thighs as my tongue snaked forward into her honey pot. Rose loved it. She moaned and writhed, rotating her hips to slather her pussy over my mouth. I sucked up her lips, pulling them into my mouth and licking the insides, pushing up her hole as far as I could reach and flicking at her little clit. She arched her hips and pumped rhythmically at my mouth; maybe she came, maybe she was just really into it. I continued. I absolutely love the taste of pussy, and she tasted fresh and clean and wet and completely like sex. I looked up to see her looking back at me over her belly. Her shirt had slipped back over her tits, so I reached up underneath it and grabbed them both, rolling my fingers up to her nipples, puffy and erect. Something set her off: she grunted and grabbed my head, pushing it hard into her cunt as she started to cum.

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   This was for real. I was swallowing as her juices seemed to pour from her, and her ass was off the ground as she ground her pussy into my mouth, literally fucking my face. I could barely breathe, but I didn't care. She was off in her own world and I was driving. As she started to return, I slowly pulled away, kissing her bush and the tops of her thighs, pressing my palm hard over her pussy to watch her get in the last few throbs of her orgasm. I licked my way up her belly and she yanked up her shirt to expose her left tit. I attacked, sucking it hard and deep as she cooed and held me. Her hands now slipped down to my jeans. We kissed as she popped the snap and slid down the zipper, plunging her hand inside my shorts. Unfortunately, the booze and the pot had the expected effect. Despite my desire, I remained soft in her hand. I realized I needed to make it up to her, and quick. I slid down once more until her pussy was before me and started kissing and licking the high inside of her thighs. But Rose's lust was high and she didn't want to wait. Her hand went to her pussy and she started rubbing frantically, leaning on her elbow as she watched me watch her.

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   I stared in awe, seeing this incredibly sexy woman frig herself to a dynamite orgasm just inches from my face. She fell back panting, and I lay next to her. I murmured some words about being too messed up and that it wasn't her fault. It wasn't the best way to end the evening, and I soon went back to my room. But it didn't end there. The next afternoon I went back to her room. I sat on her bed and apologized, explaining again that it was too much partying and how she really turned me on, and that I wanted to be with her again. She seemed to forgive me, giving me a big grin below her dark flashing ayes. I invited her to the frat house that night for another party, letting her know that this time I'd stay in control. We stayed at the party pretty late. I was drinking as much water as I was beer, and stayed away from the dope. By 1:00 a. m. we were in the foyer, my drink in my left hand as she stood next to me, her breast nestled in the crook of my arm. We wandered over to the window and kissed.

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   I ground my erection into her and fondled her tit, squeezing her nipple as she grunted and pressed into me. Enough of the foreplay. We left and headed home. Horny is as horny does, and we were horny beyond accounting. We fell kissing into her bed, and her hand reached down to cup my crotch. I broke free and undid my pants, yanking them down and off with my underwear and pulling off my shirt. I heard her zipper go down next to me and I fell back next to her, my hand diving into her pants as she grasped my cock. Her shirt was off, leaving just a thin white camisole. This time I was erect, incredibly erect. I'm proud to say that I possess a solid seven and a half inches, and she gripped my thickness hard with her small hands. After a few moments I tore off her pants and she lay before me, her legs spread wide. I positioned my cock at her entrance and leaned forward, sinking halfway inside with the first thrust. We kissed again as I withdrew and pushed again, sliding further in with each thrust until we were completely together, my cock deep in her belly and our pubic hairs nestled together. We kissed. We made love.

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   We fucked. Sweat trickled down my sides, beaded on my face, dripped off the tip of my nose onto her now-bare chest. She clutched my ass, held her knees wide, clung to my face as we kissed. She softly moaned, "Fuck me. Fuck me, you don't know how good it feels. . . " Our bodies slowly rotated around the bed, the sheets crumpling and twisting with us. Again, the alcohol had a somewhat deadening effect. No problem this time with maintaining an erection, but I had incredible stamina. I stayed hard and we continued to fuck, and when at last I groaned and pumped my seed deep into her, feeling the liquid warmth ooze over my cock and splash inside her pussy, nearly four hours had passed. We slept shallowly. I awoke early and gazed at her smooth naked back in the early morning light seeping through the thin curtains. I stroked her skin and cuddled against her, letting my cock nestle between her ass cheeks. My arm draped over her and I gently teased her nipple, loving the feel of its soft puffiness.

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   She purred and pushed against me, and incredibly I began to harden again. My fingers squeezed her nipple and her hand slipped behind herself to grasp my shaft. She pushed down on it and spread her legs slightly. I thought she would place it between her thighs for a bit of foreplay, but then I felt her other hand pushing at my cockhead and warmth cover the tip. I pushed my hips forward and felt myself slip inside her again. Incredible! I raised her leg and sank into her fully. We both loved to love in the morning, and we were fulfilling each other's fantasy. We screwed again briefly, but my energy, sapped by lack of fuel, was quickly worn out. I lay back and she straddled me, placing my cock at her wet entrance and slowly settling onto me, inch by inch. I couldn't wait. As she reached the end of another exquisite inch and paused, I slammed my hips up, sinking completely inside her in one stroke. She sat up straight with a sleepy smile and began to rock, rising and falling as I slipped in and out of her pussy. I gazed up at her small breasts, the cones of her nipples swollen and soft. I reached up and cupped them, pinching her nipples hard in the way that she loved. She grunted and leaned forward, pumping hard as she gasped and came all over my cock.

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   She relaxed and rolled off. I was satisfied, and we held each other for an endless time. I left soon to get breakfast, leaving her to sleep the rest of the morning. It was a crisp fall day and I had a soft dopey smile on my face all the way to McDonald's. On the way I passed a friend's girlfriend, coming back from a night at his apartment. We greeted each other with the knowing smile that we'd both had a night of good loving, and each went on our separate way. * * * * * I reached for the bottle and refilled Shelly's glass, then my own. She licked her lips, her eyes shining. "Did you see her again?" she asked. "Not really," I admitted. "At parties, yeah, but she moved on to conquer other young studs, leaving me alone with Fistina. " She crinkled her nose at the term, then laughed. "And what about the girl you passed on the way to breakfast?" she asked with a smile. Her eyes widened in anticipation as I grinned and swirled the wine, my eyes rising to meet hers. We both sipped together, watching each other as the fire crackled.





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