Footsies and Dessert


Will was to meet her at the park and approach her for lunch, trying to catch a few free feels of her nicely rounds ass cheeks under her skirt. They would proceed from there. . . Will walked up on her from behind at the fountain. He whispered into her ear, "How would a beautiful lady like a nice lunch and suprise dessert?" Jeannie responded by looking over her shoulder and replying "it would be really nice, and the dessert would be delightful. " She stood up from the bench she sat on and turned to greet him face to face. With a soft smile she asked where they should go. Will answered that "there is a nice little diner down the road with nice quiet booths". Jeannie was happy with this idea. Now previously they had discussed some fantasy ideas and this was one of them. Two strangers meeting in the park and with no names exchanged they would proceed to get real friendly. As Jeannie started to step in front of him, Will reached over to cop a quick feel of her nice ass. Rubbing his hand over the shape very gently and then moving his hand up to her mid back. He slid his fingers around her side and rested them just above her hip as he stepped beside her. As they walked along, Will moved his hand around on her hip and back down to her skirt.

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   Before she could even think of resistance he had moved his fingers up under the rear of her skirt and quickly caressed her ass cheeks. just as quickly he removed the hand and replaced it on her side and her skirt fell back in in to place. Jeannie in the meantime had gotten quite a thrill from the brief display of her ass and Will's hand and fingers caressing her cheeks in public. She felt even more tingles rise as Will's fingers quickly ran up under her blouse to find bare breasts waiting his touch. Her nipples hardened as soon as his finger touched one and then the other. The possibilities were great that someone strolling or bench sitting would see and that made it all the more intrigueing. Just before someone walked around the corner he withdrew his hand back to her hip innocently acting as nothing had happened. Will was feeling a good bit of reaction from all this action too. With each touch of his fingers to her hot flesh he could feel his groin tighten and his manhood would pulse some. he led her to a small patch of brush and turned her to face him. As there faces came close he reached behind her and pulled her in tight as he kissed her deeply. Will could feel the want in her kiss and he kissed to her ear and whispered. " The best is yet to come my dear. " With the thought of this and more Jeannie shivered with anticipation. They proceeded on down the block towards the diner.

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   Will copped a few more feels of her ass and her breasts. Jeannine had to stop for one more kisss before going on. She wanted him to know how much she was enjoying this little game. So as she kissed him she pullled him tightly to her body and sucked his tongue in a very seductive way. then looking at him with sparkley eyes she asked to go forward to the diner. Once at the diner, they stopped to kiss once more and Will asked, "Are you ure about all this?" Jeannie just blushed a bit and responded," If you have any doubt, you should feel my panties. " Once inide the restuarant they asked for a nice quiet booth in a not so well lit corner. The waitress took their beverage order and left to go get it. While the waitress was away, Will let his fingers walk up Jeannie's thigh and felt the wetness of her panties right away. he smiled and knew she was ready for anything they would try. He removed his fingers slowly back down her thighs and then brought them up to his nose to smell her delicious aroma and then stuck them into his mouth to see if he could get a taste. Seeing him tatse his fingers thatw ay made Jeannie even more hot for Will. By the time the waitress had returned they had moved to almost opposite side of the booth and ordered their food. This time, when the waitress left, Jeannie had kicked off her pumps and had virtually nothing on her feet. She slowly moved her toes over his feet to find that he had kicked his shoes off under the table as well.

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   She carefully let her toes caress his feet a little and then proceeded to let them slide up his ankle. Making sure to let her toes slide under the pantsleg she raised them upward to caress his bare leg as far as the pant ledg would raise up. She was able to fell up to just below his knees as she moved her feet over each calf and shin. Will was in a state of trance as she moved her feet all over his lower leg. He felt the heat and the hardness going straight to his cock and it was a little uncomfortable. Will move a bit to adjust his cock in the confines of his pants as Jeannie's one foot moved back down his leg and to the outside of his pants. He looked to her face and saw a mischievious smile as she slowly moved her foot up the outside of the pants and straight above the knees. She leaned forwardand whispered, " Let your legs open and sit back a little. " Will took no time to do just that as her foot moved up in between his thighs. The toes were moving to caress as the foot moved around his thigh. Will's cock was at full attention now just waiting for the final move of the foot and those crazy toes. Jeannie now asked him to open the front of his pants to let her play some more. Will was a bit hesitant but the cock straining against his pants and the foot ever eagar to go the rest of the way convinced him to follow her lead. He reached under the table to undo the top and the fly and roll the top of his briefs down a little. He took a few minutes to caress her foot and ankle before allowing her to continue.

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   The waitress arrived with the food, and for the moment her foot lay idle in Will's lap. As the waitress put the food on the table, she smirked a little and just said "enjoy", then she winked and walked away. It was only a matter of moments till Jeannie's toes resumed their journey and made the first touch with his cock head. Will couldn't help himself as he jumped a little and sqirmed as she began to work her toes up and down the front of his shaft. He just set back and let her massage his cock with her toes. Jeannie let her big toe and second toe wrap around the cock as best she could and began to move up and down in earnest now as Will's breath quickened. He was panting in between grunts and squirms now and she knew she had full control. "I can't hold off much longer if you continue this" he said through clinched teeth. Jeannie leaned in and said," I know, go ahaead and let go, I want to feel it between my toes. " That was all Will needed to hear as he began to stiffen all over. Jeannie moved her toes up his shaft one more time before feeling his cock pulse. She felt and watched him stiffen all over and then she could feel the warm juices as they rolled down between her toes and over the top of her foot. She continued to caress his cock with her foot until he seemed to realx a bit. Will stuffed a few napkins in his briefs under the table and closed his pants. It took him a few minute to regain control enough to speak.

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   "That was extreme. " he said as he smiled and looked her in the eyes. Jeannie smiled and just licked her lips in response. She brought her fingers out from beneath the table and they had some sperm on them from her foot. She seductively put them into her mouth and sucked them watching Will's reaction as she did. His face lit up as she sucked her fingers slowly and exotically. "Now it's your turn" he said with a slick smile as he moved his foot to her ankles and rubbed it up and down her calf. He reached under the table and removed the sock from the other foot before letting it join his other already in motion. The toes felt good against her soft skin on her lower legs. They were warm to her as they moved ever so slowly up her leg. Now it was Jeannie who began to lean back a little in anticipation She felt his toes move up as well as the foot with the sock to caress around her knees and the bare foot moved higher. "MMMMM" she moaned softly trying not to be obvious as his toes caressed her thighs. She parted her legs a bit to make access a little easier.
    She could feel her wetness growing more and more. As Will's toes got ever closer to their goal, he could feel the heat of her pussy on them.

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       Her skin was soft to the touch of his toes. She moaned a little more as he closed in on her center. will could feel his cock begin to tingle again as he was about to make contact with her hot, waiting, pussy. His other foot was still rubbing around her calves and ankles. He moved his toe to egde of her panty leg and pushed the thin wet material to the side as his toes began to search for the center of the lips. He made a little adjustment as his toes found the lips and slid between them easily. the wetness made the movement feel ever so slick. Jeannies eyes fluttered as his toes made contact with the wet inner lips of her pussy and moved upward to touch the nub at the top. She groaned into her napkin as his toes made contact with her clit and she spasmed as her whole body was tingling. "Ohhh, Right there" she moaned as he rubbed the clit between his toes and moved slightly up and down with it. Her eyes now about to roll back into her eyelids as she felt the unmistakeable urges to pump into the foot that was giving her such pleasure. Will was grinning ear to ear as he manipulated her clit with his toes. Jeannie was building to quite a cresendo and was trying to control her moans and groans so that no one would notice. His groin ached as he worked on her clit at a quickening pace. She was now moving her ass in unison with his toes.

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       She gritted her teeth and groaned a long "yessssss, Yessss, oh Yessss" as she felt every nerve in her body tighten. her eyes fluttered and she clamped her legs on his foot making it difficult for him to move any further. Just light movements directly on her clit. After what seemed like a long time she took a few more deep breaths and relaxed pushing his toes away from her pussy. She could feel the wettness around her bottom now. Will just smiled that onry smile one more time and looked her in the eyes. "How was that?" He asked coyly knowing full well that she couldn't respond just yet. Without saying a word, Jeannie ducked under the table. Before Will could do anything, she whispered up, "It's time for my dessert. " Then just as quickly she unzipped, and unfasatened his pants and pulled his hard cock to her mouth. With one full movement she had the cock in her throat and started to move her tongue around the cock as her throat settled around the tip. She moved her head slightly up and down, making sure to move her tonue around it as much as she could. Will couldn't believe she was doing this , and here. He wasn't about to stop her though as his cock got even harder under her skillful tongue. She moved a bit faster as he began to move his hips in unison with her mouth.


       They both knew it wouldn't be long now. She brought her fingers up and massaged his thighs as she took him fully in and out of her lips. This change and the massaging of his thighs was more than he could take. Will felt his stomach tighten and then he could feel the volcano coming up fully through his cock and erupting in Jeannies waiting mouth. Jeannie could feel the throbbing and was ready to accept the sperm as it shot out of his manhod and into her mouth. she carefully tried to swallow all of it not wanting to be wasteful. Jeannie slowly finished up and closing him back up down there she returned to her seat. She looked across to his face and looking him in the eyes she said, " Your dessert will be served back at my place. " With that, all that Will could do was raise his hand and say "Check please!!!" . . . . . . .

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