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Later I decided that if he was on at all we would talk about the possibility for Sunday. Just when I was about to go to bed he appeared on line with a message. He told me he was so disappointed that he didn’t hear from me and meet him …. he was looking forward to seeing my sexy smile and beautiful face. I told him I really wanted to, that I was just a little chicken. He told me there was nothing to be nervous about that he would take good care of me and make me forget all of my troubles. He told me to come out Sunday…he said we wouldn’t be able to spend all day on the lake because his morning was already committed. I asked him what time and told him that was fine…mid afternoon would work for me. He gave me directions and told me to come by around 1:30 or 2:00 and bring a change of clothes so he could take me out afterwards. Sunday came and I was very nervous, just as expected. I was perspiring the whole drive to his place. I thought my knees would cave in when I rang his doorbell and waited for him to answer. When he did answer I had to admit that I was quite pleasantly surprised. He was even nicer looking than he was in the pictures. His build was not quite like my husbands or what I am usually drawn to, but he was definitely sexy regardless. His eyes were so beautiful and had an erotic twinkle to them.

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   I sat down in his living room, and we talked for a few minutes then decided to go ahead and hit the deck. We loaded up some beer and snacks and took off. It felt wonderful having the breeze from the water blow across my face, but not as nice as his hand did when he grasped my hand. He turned to me and told me their was no reason to feel uncomfortable or nervous, that I was a very beautiful woman and my presence with him was making him aroused. I blushed and told him I couldn’t promise him anything right now…this was all too new. He said he understood and would not push me into anything that what make me uncomfortable. We talked and drank some beer. He told me about his family…I told him about mine. He looked at me and asked if I would mind if he kissed me, and I told him of course not. His kiss was so wonderful! I started feeling quite aroused and my clit tingled when he probed his tongue deep in my mouth. After the kiss he started to back away from my face. I grabbed the back of his head and brought his lips back to mine as I passionately presented him with some oral stimulation. I kissed his open mouth…his earlobes; his neck…. I was getting totally aroused. His hands then dipped in my bathing suit and started caressing my breasts.

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   He had a very smooth touch. I was wondering if he had a hard on since I was getting so wet already. I put my hand on his thigh, fearful to move it up any further. After what seemed like minutes I rubbed my hand up to his crotch and felt his bulging swelling member. It felt awesome. I knew that we couldn’t really go too far on the boat, it wasn’t really too -too big, and it definitely wasn’t very private. We kissed and fondled for quite some time…he even put his fingers in my wet pussy. Around six o’clock we decided to head back, clean up and change for dinner. I wondered what the rest of the evening would bring, and what I should or shouldn’t do. I used his master bathroom while he took the hall bath. I was dressed in a slinky knit black tank dress with no bra and a pair of thong panties. I slipped into a pair of sexy slinky black heels. He knocked on the door and asked if I needed anything or wanted another beer. I told him another beer would be great as I opened the door. He looked really fine, he had a nice pair of Dockers on with a shirt, and the pleats really accentuated his package.

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   I have to admit I was curious about what exactly was in there, because he had told me he was about 7. 5- 8 inches and quite thick. But, then I thought there is plenty of time to find out. He came back with a beer as I was putting a little bit of make up on. He stood there talking and I started blushing…he asked, “what’s the matter?” I told him nothing really, that I was just embarrassed putting my make up on in front of him. He smiled and giggled a short laugh, and then he leaned toward me and kissed me and said he would wait for me in the other room, but to take my time. Once I was all set and as perfect as I could get I went into the living room and sat next to him on the couch. He had the TV on, so for a couple of moments there was no talking between us, then he looked at me and said “what are you thinking about?’. I smiled and said “you really want to know?”. He told me “yes, please tell me”. I told him that the beer and the sun had made me quite horny today and that I was thinking about sex. “Really” he said…”please give me more detail”. That is when I told him my husband talked a lot about another man being with us and I was just picturing the 3 of us getting hot and heavy. He said he found that thought quite interesting and appealing…then he leaned in and gave me his most passionate kiss yet. I was butter in his hands, melting oh so quickly! His hands were roaming every where as were mine.

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   He reached up under my dress and rubbed my clit, then found my ring and bead. He was lightly flicking it and telling me he couldn’t wait to put his mouth on it. I told him I was ready, I wanted to feel his tongue and lips on my pussy. With that he pulled me down on the couch and took my thong off. He raised my dress to my waist. Oh it was so good…His mouth and tongue so warm as he breathed on me and flicked my clit with his tongue. Once he started probing his tongue in my love tunnel I thought I was going to explode! I asked if we could move to the bedroom…he picked me up and carried me in there. Once he set me down he pulled my dress over my head and kissed and caressed my breast. They were standing at attention wanting more and more. He then took his shirt off and started to undo his pants. Then he said, “you stay right there I want to go get something. ” “Ill be right back. “ I said ok and wondered what he had up his sleeve. I thought maybe there was a toy in the bathroom, or something fun to lick in the kitchen, but then I heard him go out the front door. I was a little baffled and confused.

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   Maybe he went to go get some condoms? He wasn’t gone long at all, not even a minute really…. when he came back in, but I heard him talking to someone else. I said Richard…is that you? He said” yes sweetheart, I have something…or someone for you. ” I felt so nervous all of a sudden! They both came in and this guy he brought was big and broad and gorgeous!! I asked him what was going on. He said, “I just want you to try this, if it makes you uncomfortable he can go. ” “This is Mark, he is a very good friend, and has a very big cock”. Now I was really freaked! I said ok…and what is the plan here…he said “don’t worry; he is just going to kiss and lick on you unless you ask for more”. We are both going to ravish your body in kisses from head to toe. I told them okay…fair enough…I can give that a try…at this point I was just about ready for some dick in my cunt even though I was nervous! I told them both they needed to shed some clothes so that I wouldn’t feel so overdressed. They oh so quickly shed what they had on (which wasn’t much), and both of their cocks stood there in front of me in complete attention. They were both larger than I have ever seen or had, but Richard was right, his friend mark was blessed big time. Mark said he was really turned on looking at my pussy and wanted to get a closer look and smell. I told him be my guest. Richard came over and kissed my mouth then breasts. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it then I flicked my tongue on the head.

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   He groaned and said he would really like to feel it in my mouth if I wanted to do that. I took it all the way down in one stroke and he groaned with appreciation. Just as Mark was really going down on me and I was going down on Richard. I heard footsteps, then someone appeared in the doorway. Richard said, “oh hi Sandy…. I just came to get Mark help me take care of my friend. ” She said “that is all fine and good, but don’t you guys think you can tell me what your up to when you just come over and take him out of here?!” Richard apologized and Mark stood up to give her a kiss. After they kissed Sandy said Mark had a very tasty substance on his mouth. He said, “Yes I do, she has a sweet, sweet pussy!” Sandy looked at Richard and he looked at me…. ”Kim have you ever been licked by a female?” “I think Sandy would like to taste you” I told him I had never done that or even thought about doing such a thing, but since she was here and I was so hot…why not! At that…Sandy took mark’s place at the end of the bed and started licking and flicking her tongue all over me. She was doing a good job too! Then she started sucking and licking and flicking. She had quite a technique. I looked over to see Richard and Mark standing on either side of me stroking their large cocks. I told them that they both looked so good I couldn’t wait to have at least one of them inside of me. I moaned as Sandy sucked a little harder and I grabbed my breast.

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   Richard came over to me and put his cock to my lips. I eagerly started taking in as much of his hardness as I could…. A couple of times I took the whole thing in without a choke. Mark was positioning himself behind Sandy and ready to insert his big tool. She moaned when he entered her and then she started sucking on me even faster and harder. She was really getting into things and I was getting jealous that I didn’t have any cock in me. I took my mouth off of Richard and he leaned down to give me a deep kiss and touch my breasts. He moved his mouth down my neck to my tits and I asked him to please fuck me. He asked “Are you sure that is what you want?” I told him yes, I was going to go crazy if I didn’t have him put it in me now! Sandy stopped what she was doing and her and Mark went over to the loveseat in the bedroom. She layed across the arm of the loveseat and motioned for mark to enter her from behind. Richard looked at me and asked how I wanted it…what my favorite position was and I told him I was so hot and I wanted it deep doggie style! We repositioned on the bed and he accommodated me quickly. Oh the way it felt when he first went in! It felt so much different than my husband did, or any other man I had been with. Now I couldn’t help but think of my spouse and how this would excite him to no end to be here. Then I could probably get fucked by two, maybe three guys tonight. When Richard slowly plunged deeply within I felt a feeling I have only rarely felt before.

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   He must have been hitting my G-spot, because it was kind of a tickling/tingling sensation that me feel like my whole body was quivering. I was moaning so loudly I was almost embarrassed, I usually don’t do that unless I am really hot and excited. And I was…. Mark and Sandy was doing their fair share of grunting as well! I looked behind me at them and could see Mark’s dick sliding in and out of her. She was small, but her tits were shaking all over as he started pounding her faster and telling her he was going to cum. That just made me even more excited seeing them and hearing that, but I really didn’t want to cum just yet all though I didn’t know how much longer I could put it off. Sandy asked Mark if he wanted to cum in her pussy or put it in her ass. He didn’t say a work, but he immediately put his big thing gently in her asshole. She gasped and told him when it was in all the way to bang her hard. He did and it wasn’t but a few strokes when he released his load. I just started moaning more and more and rocking my ass up against Richard’s big cock. He told me he couldn’t last much longer that my pussy was too wet and good. I told him I couldn’t either and that I wanted him to really give it to me good! He picked up the pace and reached down to rub my clit. I asked him to grab my hair and pull my head towards him…he did and gave a few more grunts and filled me with his load! Sandy and Mark were on the loveseat watching us as we finished up. Sandy told me it was nice to meet me….

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  which would seem a strange thing to say at this point under normal circumstances. She said that they had known Richard for quite some time and that they often went out with him and some of his dates. She said they often helped him entertain as they did tonight too. I asked her if she was mad when she found out Mark was over here without her…she told me no…she had a pretty good idea where to find him and what was going on. She said she lets Mark play without her sometimes, but that she just really preferred he let her know what was going on. She told me later that I might be lucky tonight and get to have Mark’s dick too. I blushed and told her I didn’t know about that…. I was pretty well taken care of for the moment. She just winked at me and said ok…today, tomorrow; next week…. it doesn’t matter when. I told her thanks and looked at Mark and asked if that was what he wanted too. He told me it was, that before Sandy had come in he planned to take the first dip in the hole. Someone suggested food and a game of cards, so we all kind of cleaned up and dressed and ordered some pizza. The rest of the night was not as exciting as the previous, but it was enjoyable getting to know my new friends better. After a few hours of playing and eating I decided it was time to go home to my kids…although they tried to convince me to stay and go another round.

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   I told them I was new to this and had to take it a little slow, and that I felt sure there would be another time again. They agreed and we all said our goodnights. All the way home all I could think about was what would my husband think…I knew I would tell him, there was no way I could keep something like this from him. I did worry a little bit about the fact that we didn’t use condoms, but it was a little late to start freaking out about that. I imagined my husband sitting in the corner of Richard’s room watching me, winking at me, and stroking his cock. I could picture him cuming all over himself when he watched and heard me moan and groan. I just know it would excite him to be part of this, so I will have tell him of this day!.



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