Dream Lover


You feel it in your deep sleep but cannot awaken when it brings an erotic dream to your mind as you rest. I feel it harden under my light caress, your breathing becomes slightly irregular in your erotic sleeping state. Your lips part even further and I see your white even teeth as they do, you move slightly and your leg opens on one side trying to find a way to catch the lover in your dream. Your neatly trimmed bush is now available for my eyes to view if I wish to do so. A small flick of my hand and your lower body would be in sight, I slide the covers down slowly and see your shapely legs. The muscles in your calves always excite me, knowing how you work so hard to stay fit and firm for me. I trace the line of the muscle with my fingertip and you shiver, goose bumps rise on your legs as you do. A slight smile comes to your lips, I wonder what your dream lover has said to make you so happy. I run my finger up towards your inner thigh, your legs open even more. You seem to be trying to draw your imaginary lover to you by showing him your charms. "Yes!" I hear you say softly and your head rolls to the side the bangs of your shiny brown hair falls over one eye. If you only knew how sexy that is to me, you would never change it. I lean over and kiss your lips lightly, ever so lightly and smell your perfume. The smell intoxicates me, I want to take you in my arms and make love to you with all the passion a man can with the woman he loves. I resist the temptation. My heart beats so loudly in my chest when I taste your lipstick, I am sure it will wake you, but it does not.

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   I lay back on my elbow and watch as my finger traces the outline of your pubic hair. Your hips moved towards my finger in an effort to capture it. You fail, but I am far from done with you my love!Your breathing has become more labored as you sleep, I take my hand away and hear you sigh, a sad sigh, even in your sleep you show more sensual feelings than any woman I could ever imagine. I watch as your breathing becomes slow and rhythmic again. I feel my erection staining to escape my clothing, No, not yet. I will release it from its confines later. I have more to do now. I untie your sleeping gown and pull it open, exposing your beautiful dark tipped breasts to the nights air. I see small bumps on the aureolas form from the slight chill in the air, the nipples stand out and thicken as I gaze at them. I wish to be a part of you forever, never parting, but that will never happen. I trace the dark circle on your breasts and you moan in your deep sleep, I feel you attempt to push your breast to my hand, wanting to feel the warmth of my palm as I lay it firmly on your small breast. I feel your heart beating under my palm, such a strong beating that it makes my heart yearn for you even more. I squeeze you softly and you gasp, and another small moan escapes your soft full lips. Moving my mouth to it I softly take the hard nipple into my mouth, running my tongue around the nub of your nipple, taking it and pulling it with my warm lips. I feel you move, so I stop, not wanting to wake you, I want you to sleep, I want you to dream.

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   You settle back to your deep sleep and I resume my oral manipulation on your tender breast. Your breath comes faster as I nibble on your nipple, deeper breaths, the ones that tell me I am bringing you closer to what I want you to achieve. I take my mouth away and hear you say. "No, don't stop. Mmm, it's so wonderful!" I love to hear you speak in your sleep, your voice always soft and almost husky from your excitement. I move my face to your sweet smelling thighs, you always put perfume on your legs. I lower my face and smell you, the musky odor seeping from you like the vaginal juice I see as the droplets form on your pink nether lips. I place my tongue on one, you feel my breath, warm on you and you sigh. Your legs open wider to let me have you, even in your sleep you want it to happen. I taste you now, it only fuels my passion for you, feeds my desire to please you. I lick your thick outer lips and hear you moan, the warmth of my tongue spreading you open, it makes your hips squirm when you feel it. Your pink lips open for my tongue as I press them with enough force to spread them. I taste your wonderful nectar when my tongue enters you, only a fraction, just enough to tease you as you sleep. I kiss your hard clit, giving it a small flick with the tip of my tongue. You move towards me, I hear you as your breathing stops, holding it momentarily and I feel you tense up, before exhaling it slowly.

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   I stop again. "Shhhh! Sleep my love, Sleep!" I say softly. I feel your body as you relax and your breathing slows, then I kiss you again on your beautiful slit, I feel the heat as it comes from you, taste the fluid as it covers my yearning tongue. You are wetter now, so much wetter, if I could only crawl inside your mind and see what you see as you sleep, feel what you feel. Then and only then could I ever be complete, it saddens me to know that will never be. I reach up and grasp your nipple, loving how it stays so hard for me as I touch you. Running my tongue the length of your slit again you moan lightly.
    I feel the bed as moves a bit. Your hand reaches and stops on my hair as I continue licking you, stopping only to taste your hard clit in my mouth before inserting my tongue inside you. Your breath stops again only for a second, then your hips begin to rotate slowly, trying to get my tongue further into your love nest as I lick the inner walls of your wonderful pussy. I want so badly to strip my clothes off and take you, but this is not for me, No, tonight this is all for you. Your breathing becoming deeper and more labored as your passion builds, even sleeping you are so passionate. Surely only a woman deeply in love could be this way. I know that my love for you has no bounds, I would give up everything for your love, even my life if it was needed for you to live happily. I know your orgasm is not far from you now, I've done this so many times before.

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       I feel your body as you tense up, your soft breathing quicker now, not so fast as to wake you though. I have practiced this for so long, you will always think of it as a dream, like you always have. I smile at myself as I feel your orgasm when it arrives, I taste your body fluids as they seep from your pussy. I inhale your fragrance, so musky, so wonderful tasting. If I had to, I know I could survive on your nectar, it would keep me alive, so that I may do this again and again for you, only you. You orgasm is so subtle, that I barely feel your body move as you tremble, your legs vibrating slightly and the small gasp I hear are the only signs of your dreamlike orgasm, the one I wanted you to experience, the one you did experience. Again I wonder what it is your dream of when you feel this, if there was anyway I could ever know it would make it worth every moment of my miserable existence worthwhile. Until then, I am happy to know that you are happily dreaming of you and your dream lover and that he is making this happen for you. You, even in your dream state, believing that he alone is responsible for this emotion you feel when you awaken. Someday perhaps I will tell you, until then enjoy it my love. I could only do this for you. Knowing that you have had your orgasm, I slowly rise form the bed, my erection still begging for release, but not tonight, No my love, this has been all for you. Perhaps another night I will do it for me, but not tonight. Standing above you, staring at your beautiful full lips I lean over and kiss you once more. I know you must taste your juices on my face as my tongue slides across your lips.

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       Yes my love, surely you taste yourself and my love on your lips now. I turn to leave the bedroom, to see your beautiful face once more before I leave you again. You lay there, a smile on you face, and I walk out of your lovely home. If only you knew what a wonderful lover you are. Even if it is, Just in a dream. . . . . Comments welcome as always. .