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I always noticed that the people who went in there were well dressed. No, I don’t mean top hat and tails, but I do mean expensive silk suits that rustle in the evening breeze; designer dresses that look like they came straight off the runway from Paris, Milan or New York; and the jewelry always sparkled. Not gaudy but definitely not costume either. That’s where I first noticed you. You walked through the doorway and disappeared from my mind for the night. In all the times I’ve watched you, I’ve never seen you leave. You would go in with your group, but never came out — alone, in the group, or with somebody. Maybe that added to the mystique of the building. It wasn’t too long before curiosity got the best of me and I made a resolution to meet you, to find out what keeps you there in the building. I’ve waited outside and watched you so long that I know your schedule — I know when you arrive on what day. Thursday nights, you arrive at 18 p. m. , Friday it’s 10:45 p. m. , on Saturdays it’s 18 p. m.

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  , and on Sunday, it’s 11:15 p. m. You are so faithful to these times that I have set my watch by them as I wait outside to see you leave. Hell, I'll stand and look in the window, if there were any to look into, just to see you again. I wish I could see you somewhere other than in my dreams. It’s scary how frequently I see you there, how I hear your voice, but your lips never move. How you torture me with thoughts and feelings that have laid dormant for so long. Damn you! Why do you do this to me? I can’t even keep you out of my mind. Every night, it’s the same thing — time after time — you turn and find me looking at you, so you come over to where I’m standing. Your hair flows silkily behind you and your eyes burn deep into my mind. As you get closer I see your lips part lightly and your eyes close, as if in preparation to kiss me. You come closer and I feel you place a hand on my hip and kiss me deeply. I feel that hand slide onto my stomach and work its way down inside my pants, lightly squeezing my dick. You release your hand from my hardening tool to unsnap my pants and open them for all to see. Finally, your fingers grab lightly at my briefs and pull them down, exposing my rigid tool.

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  Thinking the dream is almost over, I begin to stir, but it doesn’t stop and the next thing I know is you are dropping to your knees. My dick begins to bob up and down right there in front of you and I see you look up at me. Your lips part and you move forward, breathing lightly on my stiffness. I feel your warm breath against my skin, the moisture covering my mushrooming head. My eyes close in anticipation of what surely be the most exquisite feeling ever known to man. “God! What next,” I scream, but no one seems to hear me, or for that matter, apparently care. What am I saying, no one has even noticed that you are about to pop my dick into your mouth. After looking at me, you move forward and allow my head to enter your mouth, lightly grasping my balls with your hand, and . . . Right there is where I wake up . . . every time! Damn you! Damn you to hell for what you keep doing to me every night. It hasn’t failed yet in two weeks .

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   . . the same two weeks I’ve been watching you. “Who knows? Maybe tonight I’ll get to talk to you,” I think, as I fire up my BMW 7-series, preparing to drive away into the foggy morning. I quickly turn the engine over and listen to the purr of a finely tuned engine and begin my ritualistic adjustment process. My mind begins to wander aimlessly through the dream you’ve planted in my brain as I feel the leather seats crinkle in the crisp night air, my hips begin moving involuntarily to the scenes in the dream. Rhythmically countering your every move as you begin licking and teasing my dick. Softly your mouth closes around the pink and swollen head of my dick and your hands begin caressing my balls. Slowly you take every bit if my eight-inch cock. For what seems an eternity, I feel your throat milking me as your tongue glides out and licks my heavy ball-sac, all the while your soft moans bringing me closer and closer to an earth-shattering orgasm. Slowly you begin removing me from your throat, but deep down inside, I don’t want to you to stop this. . . not yet. With the quickness of a leopard, my hips thrust forward driving hardness back into your throat where you greedily nurse on me — trying to suck every bit of cum I have out of my body.

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  My lust-filled, glassy eyes blink quickly and I realize I’m still in the car, preparing to again go home and break out the KY Jelly and give Rosie a call. The evidence of how you effect me is apparent from the tent growing in the front of my pants. Ready to leave, I shift the car into first and pull out into the street, when I notice a figure walking in the fog. Startled, my heart jumps at the mere sight of the figure, then it races stronger because it could be you. But I continue looking at the fog-shrouded figure. It doesn’t move and I’m approaching quickly. I quickly turn the wheel to the right to avoid contact, sending the car screaming towards the curb with the tires squealing a familiar tune. Suddenly, the figure takes shape. It’s you — the face that has occupied my mind for so many of my jack-off sessions as of late. I continue steering the car to the curb, avoiding you and almost parking my car in one deft move. As I get out of the car, I notice that you still haven’t moved, that you’re standing exactly where you were when I first noticed you. I walk as quickly as I can through the fog and through the trash on the streets until I see you before me. My heart begins to race again with the anticipation of finally seeing you. Your hair, it’s just as lovely as in my dreams, and your body, only one word comes to mind and that is magnificent! Your legs rival those of Catherine Bach, the ever-popular creator of the “Daisy Duke” cut-off-jeans shorts. Your figure is an hourglass and your breasts perfectly fill out your blouse.

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  As our eyes meet, a strange bond is created. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Like a trust although we have never met. I feel comfortable in gazing into such wondrous brown pools and getting lost there. I guess I must have been staring because you were smiling at me when I came too. And what a beautiful smile it was — one that I will never forget. Slowly you reach for my hand, and as our hands touch, there seemed some electricity between us, just enough to make me think I have been shocked. Gently, you pull my hand toward you, but I seem frozen there, not moving. I can’t explain it, but it’s too good to stop right now. This is something I’ve dreamed about for the past two weeks. I hear you call my name. Strange, I think, because we haven’t even spoken yet. Mesmerized, I still look into your eyes and I finally understand what it is you’ve been telling me all this time. “Come with me. I have something to show you,” I hear you tell me.

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   “I want to show you something very special. Please do not fear me,” you calmly tell me. “I won’t hurt you. I promise. ”How lyrical your voice sounds to my ears. How it hypnotically echoes in my mind, wearing down my defenses. Again you lightly pull me, but this time I cautiously go. Hand in hand we walk across the street, toward the attendant who checks me over quickly, grunts his approval and lets us pass. As we approach the door, I hear your voice again and it calms my nerves, not knowing what I am about to see and feel. We walk through the door and immediately, I find it difficult to see, not sure if it’s because of the poor lighting or the smoke and haze in the air. My eyes become adjusted to the low lighting, spotting the mass of bodies on the dance floor. My ears, bombarded with the latest bass-laden techno-dance mix, adjust, but not as quickly as my eyes. Somehow, we loose physical contact in this milling throng of bodies. I begin looking around but I can’t see anything, my eyes burn from the smoke-effect fog on the dance floor, but I continue trying to find you in this maze of people and sound. Suddenly I see you on the other side of the bar, but you are talking to someone.

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   I look away briefly, and the person you were talking to is gone, but you are still there, with your back facing me. I continue looking around the dimly-lit room, wondering if I had really saw you. Finally I see you looking at me, but just as quickly as our eyes meet, you look away. It seems you don't want to be caught staring at me; something that I find to be quite a turn on. Finally, a smile shows when our eyes meet. Coyly at first, but finally a full smile — one that warms me right through to the spot that tingles right before I cum. As you walk over, everything stands still - time, space, noises even stop. For once I couldn't even hear myself thinking, thinking about how mysterious you are. How gently your dress moves when you walk, how our hair shimmers in the dim light, how loudly your body speaks to me above the din of the crowd. “My God! Is it actually happening,” my mind screams. “The dream, am I following the dream step for step?”My body begins trembling as you approach, my mind races wildly - wondering what to say when you get here. My attention is caught by your eyes. How seductively they hold my gaze, how they seems to glow eerily, adding to your mystery. I'm surprised that no one in the room can hear my heart pounding, as it feels like it's about to explode. But the first touch of your hand calms my fears and quiets my heart, but does nothing to break my gaze.

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  All the while you walked toward me I could do nothing more than drink in your body and how appealing your body looked beneath your dress - how your nipples strained to be free and how your hips swayed from side to side. How your long and luscious legs magnificently grew upwards to form such a well shaped ass — all the while your deep brown eyes sparkle, holding my attention. Gently you lay your hand on mine, softly drawing your fingertips across the back of my hand, making my body tingle with excitement. How warm your hand felt against mine, how sensually you caress the back of my hand making my mind wants to scream with delight at this mere, erotic touch. “Who knows, maybe I’ll get to find out what she does in the dream,” I think, as we carry on, mimicking the dream every step of the way. A jolt begins to form in the core of my body, preparing to release all the pent up energy stored throughout my body - a tingling felt throughout and a sudden sensation twitches in my groin. Slowly I begin to grow inside my pants, but you already knew without looking; our eyes have yet to break contact, but you knew. Maybe that was what that little smile was about - the one where just the outside corners of your mouth turned up ever so slightly. It seems that I have been frozen in place, but I want to move, to be able to return your caress, but I still cannot move. You move closer and now your face just inches away from mine. I feel your breath on my skin, so warm and moist, and the smell of your body is so sweet and euphoric. Closer you move to me as your eyes still holding me motionless. Your lips part slightly as you move closer, your head turns slightly and your lips gently press against mine. A feeling of electricity surges within my body, nothing short of extasy as it continues building within me. The heat of your lips and the taste of your skin, the feeling of our tongues touching gently, caressing each other.

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  Your hands move gently up my arms so sensually — erotically, wonderfully — until your hands clasp around the back of my neck. One hand reaches for your hip, now the other, and I gently hold you in place while caressing you and pulling you closer to my body. How our bodies react is predictable — your hips begin to push against me, rubbing your mound against my leg. Our tongues hungrily searching for affection while our hands grope and search for passion, for that moment of unbridled bliss. Your hands begin moving down my back, my hands move over your hips and gently caress the cheeks of your ass. As I squeeze and pull you closer, a muffled moan of approval escapes into my mouth as our tongues continue their intrepid dance. You break the kiss, leaving a sense of urgency between us. Your eyes darting from eye to eye, looking deep with in my soul for a sign — a sign to tell you this is what I want. Your hands move upward to my face and begin pulling me close to you to gently kiss me. As we kiss, you move your hands downward to my chest and trace the body beneath my shirt. Your hands pause briefly as each one passes over my hardening nipples, where you feel their tautness beneath your hands, then continue downward to my hips and around to my butt, treating it as I did yours with a gentle squeezing and pulling me closer to you. Now fully erect, you notice as the head of my dick presses against you and it brings a smile to your face. Releasing me, your hands move to the front of my pants as you move your body closer, shielding your next move from the public's eye. Slowly, your hand unzips my pants and moves inside, feeling and touching, searching for one thing, and one thing alone. Your eyes meet mine and a purr of approval escapes from your luscious, full lips.

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  I feel your fingers softly touching my leg and wish I could tell you just how close you are. Your hand gropes between my legs and I move to allow your hand access to continue its search. "Higher," I think as your hand moves further inside. Then in a sudden change, your hand moves upward, lightly brushing my throbbing rod. Another moan of approval escapes your lips as you slip your hand inside, slowly closing your soft fingers around my shaft and slowly begin stroking up and down the length of my rod. How wonderful your hand feels moving on me - rhythmically moving up and down. I move back against the chair and further spread my legs, as each of my hands travel up your sides to your breasts, gently squeezing each one through your dress, teasing each nipple by tracing each outline. Your hand moves to the head of my dick and with the quickest and gentilesse squeeze, you wipe off my precum onto your finger. My hands move downward to your waist and begin pulling your dress upward. Gently you bring the finger to your lips and wet them with my juice, slowly sticking your finger into your mouth and then gently pulling it out and making a pouty face in an attempt to tease me. With a single motion, I push your dress upward, allowing my hand easy access to your unfettered breasts. You move towards me and kiss me, letting me taste my cum while my hands gently massage your breasts and feel each nipple grow hard to my touch. Your eyes close and you bite your lower lip, your body trembles as your hand still gently glides up and down my shaft. My hand gently slides down beyond your tummy, until I feel the silky softness of your panties. Your hand stops moving as my hand squeezes your mound.


   Quietly and forcefully, your hips move forward, pressing your growing clit into the palm of my hand. Gently, my fingers slide inside and I slowly trail my middle finger down your slit, gently touching your clit. Your body responds by slowly spreading your legs wider to allow me to finger your wet pussy. My hand moves further downward, and my finger slowly moves between your lips — back and forth, not inside you, but rather to pull some of your juices upward to your hardening clit. I moisten your clit with your pussy juice and begin to softly rub it, slowly teasing your love button. Your body shivers with anticipation as the rhythm of my fingers speed up and begin circling your clit. I feel it grow taunt against the ministrations of my fingers. Faster and faster my fingers move. Circling, teasing your clit — harder and harder it grows — until it almost becomes a form of torture. Is it extasy, pleasure, unbelievable joy that you’re feeling right now? Your body continues to build, your clit grows harder and harder and I gently I rub it back and forth with my finger. I watch you body shiver and shake as I continue bringing you closer to the edge; I hear moans of pure enjoyment escaping; with regularity from your mouth. Your knees become unstable and I wrap my arm around your waist and still continue moving my fingers around, faster and faster. Circling your clit and teasing you further. You are almost there, oh, so close. Your body begins to convulse and your legs squeeze around my hand, holding it there in place between your legs.

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  I feel your body convulse again and again, and a warm feeling begins to flow around my fingers. Slowly I remove my hand and bring your juice to my lips and coating mine, gently licking them clean of your juice. The musky smell of sex permeates the air around us and the sweet taste of your body lays gently upon my lips. Your eyes open and show me a look of gratification as you kiss me deeply, again, letting our tongues dance together. Your body is weak, but your hands return to my hips, moving around to the front of my body, they meet at the zipper of my pants. Your nimble fingers begin unfastening the belt of my pants and quietly you unzip my pants, so not to alarm those around us as to what you're about to do. Gently, you pull them down just a little, exposing the top of my briefs, then a little more. Enough to allow you to pull my briefs down, exposing my throbbing staff. Quietly, you drop to your knees and continue to pull my briefs down exposing everything. My hands move from your shoulders to you your head and begin twirling your hair within my fingers. Without saying a word, my hands gently pulling you closer to the tip of my dick and your tongue reaches out to lick the precum from my dick. I twitch lightly at the first sensation of your tongue on my rod, then you proceed to lick the entire length of my shaft. Your lips part slowly as you slide my head into your mouth. My God, I want to scream, how wonderful this feels as your tongue gently licks the underneath side of the head, while your hands gently begin caressing my balls. Softly and quietly, moans of approval escape from my throat.

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  Slowly, you swallow more and more of my staff. A feeling begins to grow within my body, such an immense feeling, but still you continue to take more of me inside your mouth. I feel it as I reach the back of your throat, pressing the tip of my throbbing cock against it. You adjust yourself to allow yet more of me inside you, and this time, an audible moan escapes me. Again, it seems that no one notices us, the din of the music and talking masks the moans of pleasure we allow to escape. Still more slides into your mouth, until the base of my cock is almost pressing firmly against your nose and chin. All the while, your tongue circled my shaft as it slid further and further into your mouth and down your throat. A hand continues to fondle my testicles as one gently slides deeper between my legs. I suddenly feel a finger gently circling my anus, causing me to inadvertently thrust my hips forward and bury what little of my dick remained into your awaiting mouth. Still you keep me buried deep within your gullet, your throat milking my shaft. Again, I feel my body tingle at my core as my member twitches within your willing confines. You slowly slide my tool from deep within your throat until just the head remains inside and then you softly slide your tongue through the slit, licking lightly and causing my cock to twitch. Quietly, you begin bobbing up and down on my tool, slowly and softly taking me back inside your mouth. The feeling of your lips sucking on my shaft as you take me inside is almost too much. The noise of the crowd around us, coupled with the feeling of my dick sliding in and out of your mouth and the feeling as your tongue as it circles around my shaft, everything, is building for my final climax.

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   You know, yet again, that my time is coming all too soon. You gently pull my hand down to my dick. I know what you want me to do, so I place my hand there and slowly begin masturbating here before you. Still holding the head of my dick in your mouth, you watch my hand move up and down my dick, watching the pace quicken — faster and faster. You open your mouth, letting my head escape, but still you watch my hand seemingly fly up and down my shaft. My face begins to show the impending result. Faster and faster yet, my hand moves almost invisibly. You open your mouth and tilt back your head. Faster and faster, my hand moves, aiming the head of my cock towards your mouth and continuing to stroke at a blistering pace. Sudden, small grunts becoming apparent as I get closer to cumming. My hand still moving and the head still aimed inside your mouth. My left hand reaches behind your head to gently hold it while my right hand continuing its ministration to my tool. You notice my knees begin to shake and quiver, my arms begin to weaken, and at last, with one final motion, my right hand aims my head further inside your mouth. With what feels like the force of a raging river, I begin shooting my load of spunk into your awaiting mouth. Lifting your head closer, you take my spurting rod inside your mouth and begin swallowing my hot load.

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   Slowly you begin sliding your mouth up and down my shaft, causing me thrust my hips opposite of your mouth, driving deeper and deeper to release my load and continue cumming down your throat. No longer swallowing, you allow my cum to pool inside your mouth and around your lips, gently letting my dick slide from inside your mouth. I see the glistening of my jism along the shaft, and I see it glisten upon your lips as you let the head of my dick pop from your mouth. Your eyes, twinkle with delight as you rise upward, standing before me, and move closer, until our lips meet and I taste myself upon your lips. The silence of the moment, in my mind, begins to break as I hear people talking around us almost in an inaudible whisper at first, then a light whisper, now everybody speaking about what just happened. The darkness of the tunnel vision now being replaced with the dim lighting of the room. The mass of bodies around us, everyone moaning their own erotic stories as the attempt to reach their own orgasm. The rest — voyeurs and watchers — those who achieve their pleasure quietly, behind closed doors while viewing others achieve their pleasure. Quietly, you break the kiss, and gaze deeply again into my eyes and allow the corners of your mouth to curl upward, showing a devilish grin. That look, stirring emotions deep within my soul again of how your eyes sparkle and bid me inside your soul. Your hand reaches again between my legs, softly stroking my flaccid member, trying to awaken the fierce giant to again visit this voyeuristic world. .



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