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"Roger, you have such a nice touch", she said. "I'm not going to let you get much sleep tonight, I hope you realize that"?In my mind I was thinking about how lucky I had been this evening. Not having a single woman in my life for so long, to having Britney tonight. For some strange reason, I wasn't upset about her wanting to get gangbanged by my buddies at the club. It actually excited me. Now here I am driving this beautiful young girl to her home, and she wants to fuck me all night long. Can I live up to her expectations?I continued playing with her tits as I drove. At a stop light, a trucker pulled along the passenger side and looked down at Britney. She noticed him, so she laid on her back and spread her legs, and played with her pussy for him. When the light turned green, he tried to keep up with us, but couldn't. As I parked the car in her driveway, she took her hand from her pussy and opened the door. Without pulling her top up, she walked up her sidewalk to her front door and unlocked it. Inside, she fell to the couch, and said, "My pussy is sore, Hank had one hell of a cock on him, didn't he"?"Fuck yeah, I never saw a man with a cock that was a foot long and as thick as his was", I said. "All you did was look at that monster, it was me he shoved it into", she said. "It hurt a little at first, but after he had it all in me, I was cuming like crazy". She sat up and said she wanted to go up to her bedroom, so I could eat her pussy and make her feel better.

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  In the bedroom, I told her I wanted to undress her, as I took her in my arms and brought my mouth to her breast, sucking in the nipple. I held both globes in my hands as I went from one nipple to the other. Those mammeries tasted so delicious, I could of sucked on them all night. She held my head to her chest as my tongue ministered to those thick rod like nipples. I started to roll her dress down her stomach, as my lips followed its path down her body. I tongued her naval and cupped her ass in my hands. Restraining myself, I then rolled the dress over her hips and down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of it and I tossed it aside. Her beautiful pussy was right there in front of me and it looked so lovely. Just above her cuntal lips, was a rectangular patch of hair, cut very short. Her labia was somewhat red from use, but it still pouted out in a small mound. It was so inviting. On my knees, I inhaled her intoxicating scent. Leaning forward, I placed small kisses all over her crotch. My hands once again were enjoying her ass cheeks.

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   It is so round and beautiful and soft in my hands. I kneaded those half moons and softly placed my flattened tongue on her pussy and licked up, to get a good taste of her. I reveled in her sweet saltiness and wanted more. I explored every nuance of her love tunnel, lapping at her like a puppy sucking up water from a bowl. Her pussy returned such delicious fluids to my mouth, as my tongue weaved in and out of her. Her hands were holding my face to her crotch, as her hips moved in unison with my tongue. "That's it Roger, suck my pussy. . suck me good", she said. "I want to cum in your mouth"Her words of encouragement pushed me harder to make her cum. I knew she was close. I sucked her clit into my mouth and gave it a small nip and then tried to swallow it down my throat. My tongue twirled around that nub of hers, as she started to buck somewhat faster. "There, yes, suck my clit. .

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  Oh God. . Yes, she grimaced. I removed one hand from her ass. As I sucked on her clit, I sent two fingers into her wet pussy. My fingers were soaked immediately, as I worked them in and out of her. This was enough to send her over the edge. "I'm cuming. . cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming. . . arguh. . shit.

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  . oh fuck", she screamed. Her pussy soaked my face with her juices and I willingly sucked it all up. That sweet nectar made my head swoon, as I gulped it in. Her hands had shoved my head hard into her as she climaxed. She held me so tightly to her crotch, that I almost passed out from lack if air. Slowly coming back down to earth, she released the pressure on my head and allowed me to breath once again. Breathing hard, her breast moving up and down quickly, she gasped and said, "That was so beautiful". I looked up into her face as she held my head and said, "I've never tasted anything so wonderful in my entire life". I brought myself to my feet and kissed her. Her juices were all over my face, as she too enjoyed her flavor. Our tongues danced as we held one another. She licked my face, wanting more of her in her mouth. Britney then started to remove my shirt, then t-shirt. Sitting me on the bed, she pulled my boots and socks off.

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   I was unbuckling my belt, as she reached up and undid my pants and brought them down to the floor. Still in my briefs, my cock was straining the cloth. Britney brought her hands to my cock and rubbed it, kissing it through the material. She nibbled on my shaft, as she pulled the elastic band out and over my stiff hard cock. She took my cock head into her mouth, as her hands continued to remove my briefs. I pulled her off of me telling her I wanted to fuck her, so she laid on the bed and I went between her legs. Her knees were up, as I spread her legs further and placed my blood engorged dick at her entrance. She reached down, grabbed my cock and ran it up and down her pussy, then back to her love hole. I shoved half of my cock into that wet tunnel. Pulling back then in again, I gave her the rest of me. Nuts slapping her butt as I wanted to shove those in her too. After being stretched as much as she was by Hank earlier, I was surprised as to how tight she felt on my cock. Her juiced pussy was like being encase in a silk blanket. I moved in and out of her slowly, as I wanted to be in her pussy the rest of my life. Sucking on her nipples as I pumped rhythmically into her, bringing moans from her throat.

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   Her hips were mashing into mine as we enjoyed these moments of passion. Her hands had grabbed my ass cheeks and while we shoved towards one another, she worked her hand towards my asshole. Inserting a finger into my puckered butt, she took me to a new place. It felt good, as I was plunging my cock into her. Her finger moved in and out of me as I fucked her pussy. Our animalism took over as we slammed harder and harder. Her pussy was making those little noises as my cock pushed the juices out of her, sending the sweet fluids running down her ass. How much can I handle, how much can she take, I thought to myself. We were both going to find out, as my cock hammered in and out. Our bodies sliding in our sweat, our hair matting in clumps. "Britney, i'm going to cum in your pussy", I grunted"Yes baby, shoot your cum in my pussy, fuck me", she said. Sweat pouring off my face onto her, as my balls tightened and I could feel my seed running up my shaft. "Fuck yes, here it comes baby", I said, as my cock shot a large stream of cum into her. Her hips slamming into me harder. She too was reaching that level, when my second stream of cum coated the inside of her pussy.

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   She ground her teeth and shook as she said, "Me too, cuming on your cock, shove it harder". She coated my cock with her juices, as mine mixed with hers, as shot after shot exited my cock. We slowed our pace, but continued to fuck, as I didn't want to stop until I absolutely had to. I brought my lips to hers, kissing like two wild animals, hips pounding, tongues dancing, sweat flowing. We held on to each other, not wanting to let go, but my cock had a mind of its own. It started to grow soft while still in her pussy, then plopped out. Britney stopped kissing me and rolled me to the bed and got in to a sixty-nine position as she gobbled my soft dick in her mouth. I looked up at her pussy and watched as our mixed juices slowly seeped from her. I pulled her cunt to my face and ate that sweet lovely pussy, once again. This time it was flavored by both of us, a new taste, which I sucked down my throat. I brought my fingers to her ass and slid one finger into her dark tunnel, as I continued to suck her pussy. My finger was fully in her ass, as I reamed her butt. As I sucked on her clit, I deceided I wanted to ream her asshole with my tongue. I brought my other hand to her pussy and shoved three fingeres into her soaking wet cunt, as my tongue worked its way to her ass. I twirled my tongue around her puckered brown hole and spread it with my hand. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   My tongue entered that forbidden tunnel. Britney worked magic on my dick. She sucked that thing back to life. Her head bobbed from the top of my cock until her nose was against my balls. I could feel her throat on the head of my now stiff rod. As quickly as she got into the sixty-nine position, she moved again. My fingers came loose from her pussy and her ass lifted from my face, as my finger was pulled out too. "Fuck my ass, Roger, shove that cock into me", as she reached into a drawer next to the bed and coated my cock with some lotion. I took some and shoved it into her asshole. On her hands and knees, I placed my cock at her brown entrance and held it against her. Inserting the head and spreading her puckered butt, I ventured into yet another new territory. I went in slowly, as she fingered her pussy. Deeper and deeper my cock went in. Her fingers mashed her clit, as my dick went to the hilt. My God, i've never felt anything so tight on my cock.

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   It felt like I was fucking a seven year old, it was that tight. I pulled back, leaving the head in and shoved it back in. Back and forth, back and forth, we went. Her hand shoved into her cunt, thumb working her clit, as she rammed her ass onto my cock. I rode her ass for fifteen minutes, as she brought herself to two orgasms with her fingers. Her breasts were flying up and down as I reached towards them and held them in my hands. I twisted her nipples just enough as I kissed her back and neck. My cock reached the point of no return, as I once again filled one of her orifices with my sperm She felt my dick grow and knew I was going to cum. "Fill my ass with your cum, shoot it in me", she yelled. My cock went off like the 4th of July fireworks. It exploded in her asshole, as shot after shot jetted into her. I bit her neck softly as I went off. I pulled out and my cum dribbled out of her, as she brought her hand up to her ass, palming the leaking fluid. She took her hand away and brought it to her mouth and licked the cum from her palm. "I love the taste of your cum", she said.

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  I was worn out by this time, and just fell on my back, laying on the bed. She laid next to me, I put my arm around her to hold her close to me. Her fingers played with the hairs on my chest, and she twisted my nipples. She kissed my cheek and continued working her hand down my stomach to my abdomen, then to my limp dick. "Honey, I think it needs to sleep, its tired", I said. "Well it has worked hard tonight, but I think it was paid very well for the job, don't you", she said. "Oh yes, the benefits are fantastic", I quipped. "Okay, Mr. Dickey can have an hour break, but i'm putting him back to work", she giggled. My hand was running through her hair, as she laid her head on my chest and held my dick in her hand. We both fell asleep shortly. I slept easily, holding this sweet, beautiful young girl to me. I began to dream of her mouth on my cock, back at the club. She has brought me pleasures i've denied myself for to long. Her lips were so soft on my cock, taking me past cloud nine straight to heaven.


  I woke to the sight of her head moving up and down my shaft. Her hand closed around my balls and rolled them in her fingers. I placed my hand on her head to let her know that she had finally brought not only my cock back to life, but me too. She rolled around and brought her lips to mine, as she straddled my body. She placed her pussy at the head of my cock and pushed it in. Once again, I was in that velvet glove. I raised my hips to meet hers, but she sat up and pushed my legs back to the bed. She raised and lowered her body on my shaft. Her juices seeped from her onto my balls, as she continued making me thank the good lord for going to that club tonight. Her breasts bounced, as she humped me. I exalted in the sight of this girl, slamming her pussy on my cock. The look of complete happiness on her face. I reached up and brought those beautiful tits to my hands. One of her hands went to her clit and started to massage it. I tweaked her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

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   They felt so right in my hands. My cock and her hand brought her to orgasm, as she shook and shook, while riding my dick. Her cum coated my balls as she rode me. I stabbed my cock into her as hard as I could, meeting her thrust as I felt my balls tighten. "Gonna cum in your pussy again", I gasped. "Do it, cum in my pussy", she said. Wave after wave of cum spewed into her, as she was cumming again. Her heated fluids rushing over my cock, onto my balls. We bucked like crazy, both wanting more. Satisfied, but not satisfied. Wishing that my cock would remain rock hard, her pussy dripping, me inside of that so sweet love tunnel. Alas, it was no use, my cock began to shrink. With one more lift of her body, it fell out. She laid on top of me and we crushed our bodies together. I don't know if I was falling in love with her, or just relishing all this passion.

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   I did know that I wanted more of her. Maybe more than she was willing to give. After all, I was in my fifties and she wasn't even twenty eitght. Could this last, would I be given the opportunity to make her life intertwine with mine for more than one night. Our future was going to be in her hands. I knew there wasn't anything I could deny her. If she wanted to love me and still get gangbanged, I knew I would let her. I would not, could not say no to her. For now, I was going to keep making love to her for as long as I could, as a matter of fact, I think i'd like to eat some more pussy right now. .