Amy Sue's Adventure


 Hi i'm Amy Sue i'm 22 year old female. Very good looking for my age. i am 5'7" Dark brown curly hair down to my ass, green eyes and about 170 lbs. My measurements are 34D ,14,2. But enough about myself . . . I woke up friday morning my boyfriend had went to work already and i was bored so i went to take a shower. We have a shower head that you can hold in your hand and use like the ones you see in porns . So i thought why not try what the girls in the movies do. I took the shower head in my hand a started around my big tits thata felt great while i played with my nipples, Gently squeezing and pinching them.   Then i moved down to my shaved pussy and it was nothing like i had ever felt. I got light headed and had to sit down, still pleasing myself after five minutes i got off and felt very relaxed.

Got out put on my pink silky robe that had the bottom that came up to mid thigh and just barely covered my ass. I went downstairs and to the den to turn on the computer. With the computer on i went to my breakfast bar in the kitchen and i got myself a ice cold beer.

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   Then i went back to the den and turned on my messenger and i saw a offline message. It was from my friend julie. She had told me about this great website she went to and i should check it out so i did . It was one of those live chat rooms so i looked around a bit and decided to get in a chat room. I wasnt in chat for very long when i heard people talking about their sex lives, it really turned me on . It was about 3 in the evening and still didnt feel like getting dressed at the moment. So i went to the bedroom and fetched my silver bullet vibrator from my dresser drawer, its my favorite clit teaser. I went back to the den and listened to some more stories about sex in the chat room. i took the vibrator in my hand and went around my nipples, oh it felt so good it started to make me wet at this point. Then i slipped it into my tight pussy, i was doing this for about 5 or 6 minutes and just as i was about to get off . I heard my friend julie say is anyone here. I didnt notice that she had made her way to the den where i was until she said oh i see you found the chat room i told you about . I was shocked and stopped what i was doing. Julie said oh no don't stop on my account and then she slowly slid one hand inside my robe and started playing with my breasts and kissing my neck. I went along with it since it felt so good.

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   I turned around and started kissing her back and rubbing her pussy. Then i took Julie's shirt off and started sucking on her nipples and rubbing her pussy at the same time she getting really turned on and so wet at this point. Then i took off her pants and black thongs. Then she said lets go over here and lay on the floor so i obiliged her in doing so . She started sucking my nipples and rubbing my wet pussy and before i knew it she had my vibrator and placed it on my clit . Then she got on top of me by now and we was in the 69 position and  eatting each others pussy. It was so amazing. She started to scream out i'm gonna cum baby then i said me too. After we both got off i turned to look at the clock it was five o' clock already it was time for my boyfriend to be home then i heard a car door slam i was thinking oh sit what if he catches me and Julie in here together what would he say. We both hurried to get dreessed we done so just in the nick of time too. Tommy came in and said hi to julie and kissed me and asked what i had done today. Just then Julie and I looked at each other and said not much . Julie went home i didnt see her until the next morning she came over and kissed me and told me not bad for your first time Amy. I said you wasn't so bad yourself lover . Now we get together once a week and her place and have girls night and it just keeps getting better .

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   Who knows we might make it 3 times a week. I can't wait til Tommy goes out of town next month on business for a whole two weeks, i can just imagine what happens then. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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