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Not to sound conceited, but I'm quite a sharp and good-looking guy. I had nearly a 4. 0 average in college and, being a business student, I quickly got promoted to bar manager. I was told by the resort's general manager that I would have got the job with or without the degree though, but I saw it as actually applying my education, which I never intended to do. I put myself on the dayshift so I could check out the guests at the poolside as I made my rounds (the Beach Club had two indoor bars, one outdoor bar, and a very cool pool bar). I spent my nights having cocktails and smoking joints with my foriegn staff and a surprising number of guests. Life was good. My staff was made up of 19-24 year old students from countries such as the U. K. , Poland, Ireland, Germany, and even Hungary. They were a great bunch of partiers and I became very close with them all, partly because I lived in employee housing, where they were all required to stay. As a manager I was in charge of keeping the partying under control, but I was usually right in the middle of it. I was only 22 after all. Being a manager also meant that I had my own room, which was huge bonus. I really hit it off with one 21 year old Polish girl Dominica. For fun we all called her Dominatrix, because she really didn't know what it meant at first.

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   Anyway, we had serious chemistry. She was a firecracker. We made each other laugh, had great sex, and got very close very fast. She was about 5'8" tall with great C-cup breasts, with perpetually erect nipples, and an extremely tone body. Her legs were shapely and long, her ass firm and round, her belly flat, her neck, arms, back, and shoulders were as sexy as they come. Her hair is hard to describe. Depending on the light, it sometimes looked dark brown, sometimes black, and sometimes deep red. I've never seen any quite the same. It was pretty short, but long enough to grab a good fistful, and styled in a way that fit her face, which had just a few freckles, perfectly. She was stunning. I dare say almost perfect in my eyes. And the way she dressed - oh my god is all I can say. When she wasn't at work, she almost always wore a loose fitting sun dress that showed her silouhette whenever the sun was behind her. She had panties of every style and color and never wore a bra unless she was working. The resort made all the girls where bras while they worked, even though most of the European girls hated them.

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   About halfway through the summer Dominica and I were inseperable. We would make love whereever and whenever we could. Sometimes we would just fuck for hours. She gave the best head, and she absolutely loved it, always swallowing every drop of cum I gave her. Her English was good, but sometimes she would get a little defensive when I corrected her. "I am not a stupid cow!" she would say. "I speak fucking English. "It sounds bitchy on paper, but to hear Dominica say it with her Polish accent was irresistable. One evening, we were in my room at the lodge, and I said something which offended her. I can't even remember what it was now, but it shouldn't have been offensive. She kept getting madder and madder though. Before long we were screaming at each other. This part I remember. "You are a fucking asshole!" she screamed as loud as she could. I yelled back, "Will you just calm the fuck down, you just misunderstood me, and everyone at the fucking resort can hear us right now.


  ""Why are you treating me like I'm stupid?" she asked, still yelling loudly. "I'm not, but I'm starting to think you may be stupid the way you're fucking yelling right now, I don't even know what the fuck you're angry about!" I answered back. With this she screamed, "You fucking bastard!" and picked up a glass of water that was on my nightstand, threw the water in my face, and threw the glass through the window. This really pissed me off, but also turned me on. With my adrenaline pumping, I grabbed each of her arms by the biceps, picked her up off the floor, and threw her, still upright, clear across my double bed. she hit the wall hard and was still on her feet, facing me. That took her breath away, and she just stood there, mouth just a little open, and her body flush with color. I stepped up on the bed, walked towards her, and punched the wall next to her head, shaking the entire room. She just stood there, barely breathing, staring into my eyes. With my fist still extended next to her head I said, "I don't know what it is that's gotten into you, but you have never been as sexy as you are right now, and if we don't stop this stupid shit and fuck RIGHT NOW I'm gonna fucking explode!"At the same instant I finished my last word I grabbed the fabric of her dress above each tit, and ripped it right to the floor. She didn't have any panties on. She was against the wall completely naked and breathing very hard now, her nipples as hard as I'm sure they've ever been. I put my other hand on the back of her head and our mouths met in a frenzy of lips and tongues. She reached down to the waist of my shorts and actually tore open the buttonfly crotch. In one motion she took off and threw down my shorts and boxers, which I kicked to the side with my bare feet.

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   My 9 inch rock hard cock stared straight at her soaking wet shaved pussy. I lifted up her right leg, pulled it around my waist, and rammed my cock balls deep in her amazing cunt as she tore open the buttons on my shirt and let it fall to the bed. My right hand then went to her ass while my left hand was on her left tit. Dominica had a hand on each of my ass cheeks, pulling me into her as I fucked her with fury and passion, our eyes never leaving the others. I wasn't even thinking about cumming yet. I just kept telling her how fucking hot she was, and how much I loved to fuck her. She responded, saying something in Polish, and then pulled my head towards her, making our mouths and tongues meet again as her pussy exploded in an intense orgasm. She began to calm down just a little, but I was still pretty worked up, and my dick was still as hard as ever. I pulled out of her pussy and spun her around so she was almost flat against the wall. With one of my legs I kicked her legs open like I was a cop getting ready to frisk a criminal. I reached around and grabbed a nipple in each hand, and with a loud groan was ball's deep again, fucking her hard from behind. Any bit of calm that had come over her was gone now as she shouted "KUUUURRRRVVVAAAAA!" (Kurva would be like saying Oh Fuck in English)I fucked her to a second violent orgasm like this, and just when she was finished cumming she turned her and we kissed again. I hadn't had an orgasm yet, but I was quite winded, and collapsed on the bed, sitting up against the wall. She stepped across me so her pussy was in front of my face and she was looking down at me, biting her bottom lip. Our bodies were now glistening with sweat and I could see where her cum had run down the inside of her thighs.

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  Slowly, she began to lower herself down, engulfing all 9 inches with her pussy once again. She put her arms under mine so her hands were on the back of my shoulders, and began to slowly ride up and down, saying, "Baby, I really love you. Nobody has ever fucked me like that before, and nobody but you ever will," and she kissed me again. Then she began to pick up speed. My hands were on her waist, helping her move. The pace got faster and faster. We were forehead to forehead, once again hypnotized by the others eyes as we fucked with abandon. This time I was going to blow. She started having her third orgasm, but I wasn't quite ready yet. As soon as she stopped cumming she jumped off of my lap, pulled me up on my knees, got on all fours, and took my cock in her mouth as I unloaded again and again. She had a mouthful, but she swallowed everything with a satisfied moan. We were both on our knees in an embrace as we shared our most passionate kiss yet. Just then we heard some clapping from outside, and came out or our trances long enough to realize that about 4 or 5 employees had rushed over when they heard the broken glass and saw the whole thing. Neither Dominica or I cared at all. Not even a little.

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   We collapsed on the bed, still in our embrace. With a lustful, exhausted, voice she asked, "So what was I angry about again?"I said, "I still don't know, but I've never been so happy about having a fight. "With that, we both smiled, kissed, and fell fast asleep. .



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