The House 2


Jill stood at the bottom of the drive, looking up at the House and the figure silhouetted against soft glow behind it. A heady mix of fear and excitement was coursing through her body, and she tried desperately to control the panic that was pushing up from the pit of her stomach. She nearly turned and ran, but God, she needed it so badly. In the days following her first visit to the House her frustration and desire had increased with each passing moment, until, unable to stand it any more, she found herself, standing here, looking up at the house.
She stepped forward, and then stopped. Steeling herself, she stepped forward again and this time, continued walking slowly up the driveway, towards the House. The man stood there for a few seconds and then he turned and disappeared into the House. Soon she was standing before the front door, which was wide open. Well last chance to turn back, she told herself. She stepped over the fresh hold into the house, walked down the passage to the room where glow was emanating from. She reached its end, and turned to face into the room. Heart was beating so fast and hard she could feel thumping against her rib cage.
Puzzled she stood in doorway looking into it. Well, where is he? The big high back chair was pushed into the corner, and the table, now clear, was in the centre of the room. As before, the room was lit with a large number of candles, and there was a fire burning in the grate of the fire place. Of her dark stranger there as no sign, at least not yet.

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   She stepped into the room, and waited.
Suddenly she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, and a tingle raced down her spine.   She froze as she sensed movement behind her and Jill forced herself not to turn, to stand still and wait. She desperately held down the urge to run, to get out of there. Now she could hear his breathing and then felt it, like a soft breeze on the back of her neck. He was close now, the sound of his deep steady breathing seemingly loud as her adrenaline sense amplified it in her mind.
Slowly, and still not turning, Jill shrugged off her coat and allowed it to fall to the floor. She hoped he liked the way she had dressed, gone was the long think woollen skirt, to be replaced with a short tight black skirt, and a white cotton blouse to match. She still wore her knee length boots, but had added fishnet hold-ups to complete the look. Despite the heat of the room, Jill found herself shivering, as she stood there and waited.
For a while, what seemed like ages, nothing happened, just the sound of his breathing behind her and the gentle sensation of his breath on the back of her neck. Just when she felt she couldn’t stand it any longer, and was about to turn on him, she felt a touch.  One of his hands had touched her, and she jumped and nearly let out a scream, she was so tightly wound up. His hand stroked down her arm, and then down and around her waist, before resting on her bum.
She felt his breath on the nape of her neck closer now, and then a kiss, followed by more kisses, and then a lick.

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   Jill breathed deeply and closed her eyes as she tried to relax. His touch, while light, sent little shocks of excitement up and down her spin. Now both his hands were caressing and stroking her waist, and moving down to her thighs, and around her bum. She felt a moist warm feeling between her legs, which began to spread upwards as he kissed the side of her neck and then nibbled one of her ear lobes. She felt something hard pressing into her bum cheeks, and instinctively pushed back against it.
This continued for a few more minutes, and then gently but firmly, he began to push Jill further into the room. She allowed herself to be pushed up against the table, and then, as he applied pressure to the back of her neck, to bend down across the table. His hands ran down her back, and caressed her bum, before moving away. Again, she resisted the desire to look around, and instead, closed her eyes, and waited. She could hear him moving, and then coming closer again.
She felt him take hold of one of her hands, and then pull across to the edge of the table, and then something, a thick cord, was wrapped around her wrist. He’s tying me down she realised. A burst of panicky excitement rose up, and whilst she thought hard to control it, the sane sensible side of her was screaming at her to get out why she could. As he repeated the process with the other hand, she pushed the panic down and tried to make her breathing slow and steady.
Now both her arms stretched in front of her, tied down, with her head between her outstretched arms.

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   She opened her eyes and they widened as she saw that he was already naked. Was he wearing that ski mask again, she asked herself? She glanced up, yes he was.  In a way she was disappointed, because she wanted to see what her dark attacker looked like, but also excited, it made him appear mysterious and dangerous.
He moved, running his hand down her back, paused to stroke and caress her bum, before he moved away and then came back. Standing behind her, he dropped down to his knees and ran one of his hands down Jill’s thigh, and down her leg. When he reached her ankle, he gripped it and moved her foot up against the table leg. She could feel him tying her ankle to the leg of the table. Then he ran his hand back up her leg, pushing her skirt up a little higher. Jill heard a sharp intake of breathe, as he realised that she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt. His hand lingered for a second at the top of her thigh, before moving over to the other side.
Jill was disappointed and desperate; she wanted him to touch her, to end her suffering and frustration.   Couldn’t see how wet she was? She wanted to scream at him, tell him. Instead she remained silent as his hand slid down her other leg, which while not unpleasant, this simply served to fan the smouldering heat between her legs. Again, he gripped her ankle and moved it to the table leg, and secured it there. Jill could still move a little, but there was no possibility of escape now, he could do what ever he liked to her now and this thought almost made her orgasm there and then, before he’d even done anything to her.

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He took his hands away, and she could just feel his breath on her bare thighs. Oohhh please, please do something, pleaded Jill inside her head. Minutes ticked by that seemed to stretch into eternity, and as he knelt here looking at the vision in front of him, he savoured the feelings raging inside of him, part of him screamed at him to fuck her, to force his cock in, to rape her. But he wanted it to last; he wanted to feel her, to taste her and to feel her climax. He lent forward and kissed her thigh, and felt her shiver at his touch. Then he kissed the other fishnet clad thigh, and then moved slowly upwards, kissing each side alternately.
Finally he reached Jill’s cheeks, he kissed the left and then right, ran his hands up and down her legs, and then began to kiss and lick his way inward. The air was full of the scent of her arousal; the atmosphere was so laden with it, she could almost taste it. She wanted to beg him, to plead with him, call him all the names under the sun, to make him touch her properly.
He breathed deeply, savouring the sweet aroma that emanating from Jill’s glistening wet pussy, pulling back slightly, he examined it for a second. He’d never seen one so beautiful, the lips parted slightly, then there at the bottom, the little rosebud of Jill clitoris, dark pink and swollen. He lent forward and blew gently arouse her wet petals, and he saw a slight shacking, and heard a little whimper.   Again he blew, a little bit harder this time, and again, her pussy lips quivered.
Jill couldn’t stand it anymore, “please. .

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  . . no more. . . please, oh god, fuck me, anything, just do something” she pleaded. While not unpleasant or painful, the gentle blowing was, for her, in her current state sexual tension, the worst possible torture she could image. Suddenly Jill let out a loud groan, followed by “yesssssss. . . . oh God yesssssss. ”
He had lent forward, just when she felt she was going to die of frustration, and kissed her wet pussy. As his lips touched hers, he pushed his tongue out and licked it over her clit. Jill pushed her hips back, and although she couldn’t move far, it was enough to force her wet pussy against his face, forcing his noise into her wet cunt, while his tongue continued to tease her clit.

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   He pulled back slightly, and licked his tongue up between her love petals, and then pushed it into her, snaking and licking his tongue around inside of her.
“Oh yes, thank you, yes, stick it in. . . . . . . . . oooooooooohhhhhhh Gooooddddd yessss” cried Jill, as he continued to tongue fuck her. Then he slid his tongue back along and licked around her clit, and then shifting his position slightly, he began to suck on her clit, pulling it into his mouth, and teasing it with tip of his tongue. He felt her begin to convulse and shake, and her juices were flooding from her between her legs. Her moans grew louder and more frantic and so powerful her convulsions as her orgasm hit her, the table was moving and the legs were banging on the floor. Her groans had build up into one continuous keening wail, and suddenly juices began to squirt out of her cunt, like a bursting pipe, as she ejaculated.

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    Despite the flood of fluid pouring down his face, he continued to suck and lick, drinking down some of the bitter sweet juices. He had never seen a woman come like this, and it was driving him wild with his own unfulfilled desire. Suddenly he stood up and positioned himself behind Jill; he thrust his large cock in one long motion deep into her cunt.
    “Ohhh my God, yes, yes fuck me. . . ooooooooooohhhhhhh” cried out Jill.
    He stood still for a few seconds, his balls touching her thighs, and then he slowly pulled back, until just his cock head was between her pussy lips. After a few seconds pause, he thrust hard into her again. She let out a loud grunt, followed by a drawn out groan as he pulled back. Again he paused for a few seconds, and then made another hard thrust with his hips, pushing his cock into Jill, one slow, but firm movement. Despite all the juices, she still felt amazingly tight as he slid his thick cock into her.  
    He continued to fuck her slowly for a while, and she quietly whimpered and gasped at each motion. Then he change the pace, so that he now made hard, fast inward thrusts, and slow withdrawals, making Jill gasp even louder with the inward fuck, and causing her to exclaim “yes, yes, fuck, oh God, please fuck me harder, faster…”
    He ignored her pleas, and maintained the steady pace for a while, before picking up the pace slightly each time, but still making the inward thrust hard and deep.
    As she neared her second orgasm, she cried out in pain, as he, without warning, pushed his finger between her arse cheeks, and entered her virgin anus.

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       The pain she felt from this unexpected intrusion combined with the mounting pleasure from her pussy, as he continued to fuck her cunt. As her orgasm burst upon her, he fucked his finger into her tight arse, combining the motion with is cock. Jill was wailing loudly as she convulsed and pulled at her bounds.
    Her second orgasm wasn’t as intense of her first, and the warm glowing after feeling was abruptly terminated, buy a sudden increase in the pain between her bum cheeks. Suddenly she realised that his cock was no longer in her pussy, but pushing into her arsehole. Until he had slipped his finger in, she had never even considered being touched there, let alone having that huge cock put them. She tried to twist around, to look at him, fear and pain in her face.  
    “Please, I don’t want you to do that, I. . . I’ve never. . . never been fucked there, NO PLEASE. .

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      . . ” begged Jill, as she felt his cock pushing harder between her cheeks and pressing firmly against her anus. She felt the pressure build up, and the pain, as the cock head force her anal ring to open.
    “No. . . please, no not there please. . . . . Oh arrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” screamed Jill, as the searing pain torn between her cheeks. Oh god he’s killing me, he’s tearing me apart. She screamed again, as the cock continued its slow agonising invasion of her back passage.

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       Once he had managed to get his cock head, and about halt an inch into her, he stopped and waited, savouring the feeling to tight ring around his shaft.
    For Jill, the pain was intense and yet, once he was in, already she felt the pain begin to lessen, albeit only slightly at first. Oh my God, she thought, am I starting to enjoy the pain? She felt his move as he began to rock slightly back and forth. Barely moving at first, he slowly began to pump his cock into her tight back passage. He was desperately trying maintaining control, to not just ram it in and out, but he was close, so very close. He was now moving in and out an inch, and she hissed and gasped as he pumped her.
    Soon he was making noise to match hers, and he began to fuck her faster, deeper, not that he needed to go to fast. His groans and cries combined with Jill’s and with a final drawn out cry, he began to pump his spunk into Jill. Shaking, he found his sperm provided additional lubrication, and started to fuck Jill frantically, ramming his cock into her, causing Jill to cry out loudly between her sobs. With a final grunt, he pulled back and rammed in again, then stopped, savouring the feeling before slowly withdrawing his softening cock from her violated anus.  Jill let out a final gasp, this time of relief that her ordeal was over; she closed her eyes and sobbed quietly. She was aware of the sound of his movements, but for the moment, she didn’t care what he was doing. The pain from between her cheeks was now a just a warm burning sensation, and was, in a odd way not entirely unpleasant.
    He stood looking down on her, her tear streaked face just partially visible under her dishevelled hair. As his breathing slowed down he felt a mix of emotions flowing through him.


       Guilt was one feeling, guilt at what he had just done to the women, and yet fulfilment and satisfaction. Ever since he had first seen Jill fucking her up the arse had been his ultimate goal, and with certainty he knew it wouldn’t be the last time either.  
    Exhausted by her ordeal Jill slipped into a fitful sleep, and it was only the coldness of the room that slowly brought her awake. She groaned as she moved, and then finding that she was no longer bound to the table, and able to move both her hand and feet, she pushed herself up. God, she was aching all over, but especially between her bum cheeks. She looked around the room and, like before, she found herself alone. The fire had died out, and there were only a few candles left burning. She shivered, and stood, steadying herself against the table. Once she was certain she was able to stand without her head swimming, she pushed her skirt down her thighs and stepped forward to pick her coat up. God I am sore, I am not sure I going to be able to sit for month, she thought. Pulling her coat on, she left the room.
    THE END.



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