My First Anal


My first anal experience was while I was drunk.
I was staying the night at a girlfriends house.
I was 18.
My girlfriend was already passed out.
I was just about to fall asleep when I heard her bedroom door open.
I was laying on my stomach, wearing only a long tee-shirt, and my panties.
I laid still listening, trying to figure out who it was, and what they were doing.
I heard a voice softly call out to sherry, it was he dad.
Sherry in her drunken slumber mumbled something, but from the way her voice sounded she was in deep sleep.
I felt his hand lightly touch my leg.
I wasn't sure what to do. I pretended to be asleep not wanting to face if he's was angry about us coming home late and being drunk.

Then I felt his hand lightly trace its way up my thigh.
He softly called out my name, I didn't answer.
I felt his hand as he gentle cupped and caressed the firm flesh of my ass.
His finger slipped inside my panties, exploring my tight now wet pussy.

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I felt him slowly and gently pull down my panties down to my knees.
I could hear him mumble under his breath.
I felt him straddle me, holding his weight off of me, I felt his cock touch between my round ass cheeks.
He gently slid his cock in between the flesh of my ass sliding his cock up and down the fold of my ass.
I could feel something wet and oily as he continued pumping his cock between my flesh.

I felt his cock push down lower into the flesh of my ass, he was now sliding downwards rubbing against the tight tiny opening of my ass, as the head of his cock rubbed the wet lips of my pussy.
Honestly I was scared, but excited.
Here I was laying on my best friends floor. While she was passed out drunk. While her mother slept in bed just down the hall. Her dad was rubbing his cock against me.
I felt the head of his cock press into my pussy.
He stopped, softly calling out my name again, I was going to answer him, but for some unknown reason, I didn't.
He pushed further inside me. I bit down on the pillow to keep from making any noise.

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I could feel his heavy balls resting between my legs, as I felt him all the way inside my very wet pussy

Slowly he started sliding in and out of me.
I was trying not to moan, but couldn't help myself, a soft moan escaped from my muffled mouth. But he apparently didn't notice, with the alcohol running through my system and being tired, I was drifting between being slightly awake and passing out as he continued to slowly fuck my pussy.
Slowly he pulled out.
I thought he was finished. But felt him slid in between the flesh of my ass again, sliding up and down .
I must have drifted off for a minute. When I came back to, I felt the head of his rock hard cock slid past the tight opening of my ass.
His cock slid all the way inside me.
I bit down hard on the pillow. Trying hard not to cry out.

What was I doing. I was letting him fuck me, not only that but allowing him to put his cock inside my virgin ass, while his own daughter was passed out in her bed, the same room.
It was hurting, I felt a burning sensation around my opening, but it felt good.
I had heard about anal sex, but never knew it would be so exciting, feeling so dirty.

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I took his cock deep inside my body.
He was slowly sliding in and out of me.
I could hear his breath quicken, as he slid faster inside of me
I felt his cock swelling inside my ass. He was going to cum.
He started to pull out of me, but I tightened up around him.
I felt his cock twitch inside my ass.
His cum flowed from his pulsating cock into my ass.
I loosened the hold on his cock by relaxing the muscles of my ass.
He held inside of me, all the while he was shooting his cum into my ass.

As I laid there, I felt him slowly soften inside my ass, sliding out.
He quickly got up pulled my panties up over me,opened the door and was gone.
I laid there feeling the warmth inside my ass, sore but totally relaxed drifting off to sleep.

That morning, I showered and was greeted by sherry's mom in the kitchen, sherry was in the shower now.
Her dad had not yet came out of their bedroom.
Sherry's mom, was running late and was in a hurry to get out the door.

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Sherry's dad finally appeared from behind the closed door.
Noticeable he didn't look at me as he walked over to the counter pouring a cup of coffee.
Sherry and I were off to the mall as she went out to start the car, I went to grab my purse.
I walked over to him as he stood leaning against the counter.
Whispering in his ear, I asked
"did you enjoy fucking my virgin ass last night"
The scared look on his face, made me smile.
Slowly and seductively I ran my tongue along my full lips.
Looking into his scared eyes.
Winking "I know I sure did"
Then slowly I turned and walked toward the door. .



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