First time anal with Leanne


From our first date I knew that Leanne was a freak, in a good way. I had never expected to get my cock sucked in a 2 dollar theatre on our first date. If you would have told me that I would lose my virginity in her parents bed while they were home I would have called you crazy. She was into every fetish imaginable and we we’re using a box of condoms every week, considering that we spent five days a week at different schools and she spent every Sunday with her family that is an insane amount of sex. I digress. I walked towards her house in the pouring rain. I got in one knock on her door before her arm flew out and pulled me in. She threw me to the ground in her living room and started gnawing on my neck, I tried not to think about vampires. I looked over and saw a huge bottle of lube on the coffee table. Weird, usually the lubricant from the condoms was enough. She unzipped my fly and whipped my dick out so fast that it almost hurt.

I jumped up and tackled her onto the couch assuming control. She slipped off her shirt and I started kissing her huge breasts. I reached into my pocket for my condom, but she stopped me. “Not tonight,” she said, “This is going to be special”. I tried not to think about children.


   She flipped over and grinded her tight ass against my cock. “I want you in my ass tonight,” she said. Without hesitation I tugged down her jeans and g-string together. She tossed me the lube. I squirted it all over her ass and my dick. She turned her head half way towards me and reached both her arms back she rubbed in the lube. “Are you ready?” I asked. She nodded. I carefully aimed my cock using my hands and slid it into her hole. The resistance felt so good. I pumped and pumped as she screamed. “Fuck me! harder! HARDER! oh god! ooh baby! oh daddy!”. “I’m going to finish,” I whispered, “Where do you want it”. I pulled out and she told me to “Surprise her”. Her lips gaping I took my opportunity and plunged my cock in her mouth.

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   The look on her face suggested that she liked the taste of her ass even more than her pussy. Her head bobbed up and down and then I looked over to the front door. It was wide open and her sister was staring at us. I had no idea how long she’d been watching. Leanne couldn’t see her from where she was so she just kept sucking. Her sister’s winked at me and headed up into her bedroom. Right before she got out of my site she blew me a kiss and I blew my load filling Leanne’s mouth.